TG comics

A list of all of the TG comics I made. These are all 5 pages or more of TG goodness. You can also find my TG comics by clicking on the 'TG comic' label. Remember there are also some nice 4 panel TG captions I made but to find those you'll have to read my whole blog. I know... lots of fun!

This set was my first TG caption when I published in my old domain name. The girls looked so beautiful I could not pass it, especially with the body paint on. The plot line is simple. A friend helps a friend and one thing leads to another until he finds himself in a new position.

Pages: 7
This TG comic is set at the beach where our male friend gets into trouble. There is only one way out of it. I do enjoy situations where the characters are hopelessly in trouble and forced to do something otherwise they wouldn't do.

Pages: 12
One of my first super long TG comics. Someone has to go undercover as a spy. They have the right agent for it and the perfect disguise. He has no problem infiltrating the organization but will he accomplish his mission?

Pages: 66
Frank is a hitman. The best in the business and he isn't afraid to go to great lengths to kill his target. To get close to his target, Frank goes where he has never gone before. Will Frank still be the best in the business after this mission?

Pages: 70
Paul has cheated on his girlfriend for the last time. When he gets caught, his girlfriend punishes him in a way for him to understand what it is like to be used and abused.

Pages: 5
When Michael gets a pass for the bikini beach he plans to ride it out inside the house but soon he needs to get out. Washing the car wearing a bikini seems to be  his chance to get out of the house before he goes crazy. Soon he figures out that perhaps he shouldn't have worn a bikini though.

Pages: 15
Work in progress. I have not worked on this in a long time but with new found creativity I might give a shot and finish this. I hope.Don't hold your breath though. These super long comics usually drain a lot of my energy.

Pages: 58 (and counting)
Girlfriend catches boyfriend crossdressing and decides to help him out by getting him into a female bodysuit. Soon the boyfriend discovers what it is like to really be a woman.

Pages: 7
When a lawyer tries to help a girl to get out of jail, he'll soon find himself with more than what he signed up for.

Pages: 8
Brian loved massages. He was a regular at the massage parlors. But his girlfriend did not like it at all so she did something to Brian so that he'd stop going to such places. Brian, however, still wants a sexy woman to touch his new body, the only problem was that the masseuse this time was a guy.

Pages: 8
When mages play cards the stakes are very high as Jeremy found out. Jeremy was all balls and cocky but after he loses a hand, he loses more than his shirt.

Pages: 7
Jeremy is a good friend and decides to help out his buddy. He needed a date for the office party so Jeremy changes into a copy of hi buddy's ex-girlfriend. Mix a bit of alcohol; some confusion; and there's a recipe for a good time.

Pages: 5
What would you do to help a friend in need? Pete puts his friendship ahead of everything and does the ultimate sacrifice to help his friend. Will their friendship survive or change into something more?

Pages: 5
Helping the hot cheerleader seems an easy decision. She asks Ben to do something unusual but for Ben it is a chance of a lifetime to get into her panties. The question is will he be wearing them?

Pages: 16