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  1. Sasha, I hope you had a nice Christmas, and that
    2013 will be even better for you. By the way, I
    have some questions for you. 1: What happened to The X-Files comic you had that I planned on
    reading, because I can't find it anywhere on your site? 2: Will you please tell me if you
    are British? 3: If the laws on slavery were
    changed so that every woman-including yourself,
    only got a kind master, would you be willing
    to be a slave for a short period, say one
    fortnight? 4: If you could switch genders with
    a member of the opposite sex, who would it be,
    and for how long, and why?

  2. That's a weird link to ask the question. I fixed it.

    1. X-files is still here. Scroll down to Pages on the right side at the very bottom and the list of the comics is there.

    2. I'm not British but I can pretend to be pretty well.

    3. A kind master? But then where is the fun in that? ;-) I wouldn't mind being a slave for a little while. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

    4. I think I'd switch places with the flavor of the moment Kim Kardashian. She is gorgeous and has all the right curves. Not to mention the most amazing clothes! I'd probably would be her till I got bored, so let's say about one year then switch again with someone else? I wouldn't want to be selfish so I'd share her with others.

    Thank you for all your questions.



  3. Sasha, you once said you made a cameo in one of your
    comics, but (A) what was the title of the comic you
    mentioned, (B) how would I recognise you, (C) do you
    think sissies should be respected, (D) do you think it's
    grossly unfair that girls and women can wear boys and
    mens' clothes with society's approval, but boys and men
    only get society's disapproval if they wear female clothes?
    And finally, (E) wouldn't it be healthier for guys to wear skirts, especially during a heatwave?

  4. Any chance you will create any new comics or finish Team Member?
    Spy Games is still one of my favorite stories.

  5. hi, i am thinking of giving crossdressing a go but the only issue is i dono what to do or what to get or anything! i was wondering if you could mentor me like your girlfriend has done for you as i know not many people would find it socially acceptable, so i would love to hear off you soon!

  6. Did somebody kidnap Sasha?

  7. Sasha I'm a 23 yr. old man who often daydreams about transforming into a girl but I just don't know if it's too late for me. Not to mention I'm currently dating a female and we have been together for 4 yrs. She likes to put on a strap on and dominate me but I know if she knew I wanted to be a girl it'd just be bad. Any advice?

  8. Sasha: I have been following your blog for many years now. How's your crossdressing going; what plans did you have for Halloween last year?

  9. Hi have you heard x-change captions? It might interest you.