TG ccaption: A new reality

As John woke up he knew something was wrong. He had strange dreams that he was a girl at a bar and guys kept buying him drinks. He eventually danced with a few and even felt their bulges rub on his butt which strangely excited him and made his body react weird. His female body reacted as normally as a female body would react and he felt the strange moist between his legs making the fabric of her thong damp. He assumed he was wearing a thong because of the thin fabric stretched between his ass.

As the morning came, he heard the alarm ring and slowly woke up, he felt the urge to go to the restroom like every morning but strangely he didn't feel his regular morning wood between his legs. He quickly pushed the covers away to find out his cock had been replaced with a glistening wet pussy overnight. He screamed as his dream became his new reality.