TG caption: What will you choose in the end?

Yeah, it feels good doesn't it? You enjoy feeling a hard cock splitting your new wet pussy open, don't you?

I still find hard to believe that just last week you were a guy and now just look at you moan and squirm like a little bitch on heat.

You were always up for trying something new so I knew it would be easy to convince you to get into the skin of a hot brunette for a day. Sure, the plan was just to make my ex-girlfriend jealous. But it has been more than a day, right? What you didn't know was that little brunette suit was a special pleasure model I ordered. Can you really blame me though? Wouldn't you make a perfect girlfriend if you had the chance? All I needed was a warm body to fill the suit.

At first, it was a little bit awkward and you did have to get adjusted to the suit but I'm sure the extra sensitive spots really got you hooked on the pleasure of the manly type. I'm sure it was weird for you to have such sensitive breasts but we got past that right? I know you enjoy them. I caught you playing with them several times and once I touched them then there wasn't anything you wanted more in the world.

Look at you spreading your legs for me to fuck you. I know you resisted as much as you could but it was inevitable. That's what the suit was designed for, to feel pleasure and give pleasure. Sure, I'll probably let you out of the suit when I get tired of fucking you every day but when the time comes, and it will come, will you want to? 


  1. Very hot pic, hun! I think its safe to say, would choose to keep the suit. ;-) how could she not!

  2. Probably would stay in the suit

  3. Terrific caption! A very fun read!

  4. Well, it doesn't look like he's chosen to have it in the end, but if his look of utter abandon is any indication, he might want it there soon too!


  5. great caption! Can ask where the Team member comic has gone? I get 404 file not found when trying to read it...

  6. intriguing prospect of the greener grass on the other side though I think that the guy would want to experience the other side too!!