TG Captions: About to cum...

My name is Chris and I guess I was just a regular guy. You know, the kind of guy that was a bit curious about how the other side lived. Unlike other guys, I was a warlock and I had this magic book that let me transform into a girl if I wanted to. The temptation had always been there, but magic is powerful stuff and transformation spells are notoriously hard.

My first mistake was not completely understanding the full power of the side effects. Once, I had turned my body into one of a hot brunnette, the urges were there. They were palpable. Within hours of the spell I felt empty. This void between my legs that I felt it needed to be filled. From the looks of it, I was 19 years old and a very horny one. I thought I could handle it. That my willpower was strong but I succumbed. I found myself walking into the first bar and guys started buying me drinks.

That's when I make my second mistake. I drank. I didn't think I drank too much but then again I weighted at least 80 pounds less than a few hours ago. It didn't take long for the alcohol to numb my common sense and I knew I was really find out what it was to be a woman when I found myself in the couch naked with a man. My new smooth crotch was alien to me but not to him. He knew exactly what to do and that was when I felt it inside me. His throbbing cock spreading my womanly lips apart and entering deep inside me. I squirmed but it only excited him. His cock pulsed inside me sending waves of pleasure up my spine into my brain and releasing into feminine moans of pleasure.

I knew I was in trouble but I could not resist his hardness. That's when I made my last mistake. he held me firmly and grunted in excitement as he pounded deep inside me. I squirmed, half ass trying to escape his grip or perhaps to feel him rub my insides rougher. I can't quite remember at this point. I do remember though when he whispered into my ear that he was going to fill me up. I fought for one last attempt to escape but my bod betrayed me again as he emptied his balls inside my new permanent pussy.


  1. Very nice... I liked it alot. Could you make more of these?

  2. Bravo! This is sooo fucking hott!!

  3. nice animation...

    ps what's happened to the older comics like TM? the link doesn't work?

    1. I just tried the link and it was working for me.

  4. Why can't I be so lucky?

  5. Love it!

    Please more!!!