TG captions: Daddy's Girl.

Joe could not believe his friend Mark had agreed on stepping into the MAU and allow him to change him into a girl. The deal was that afterwards it would be Joe's turn. Joe always had this fantasy and now it was going to become true. As he caressed Mark's new soft body and lightly brushed his new breasts, he knew this was going to be fun. It was very hard to imagine that was Mark just a few seconds ago.

Mark stepped into the MAU thinking of all the fun he was going to have when it was Joe's turn to change. All he had to endure was being the first girl. How hard could that be? There was a flash and then Mark stepped out and for a second he felt weird being much shorter and having to look up to Joe. The new long hair falling on his narrow shoulders was different too but mostly his center of gravity was off as he stepped out. He felt the strange weight of his large and supple breasts barely covered by his new mid rift tshirt that showed off his flat stomach leading down to the flatness of his new crotch.

As Mark felt Joe's hand caress the bottom of his new breasts, Mark let a gasp of pleasure and said "Daddy!" At that moment he knew something was wrong.