TG caption GIF: Who's first?

I started playing around with GIF captions. Here is the first rough one. Took me some time to figure it out how to make everything. It is a transformation caption where one friend goes first as the girl so the other friend can fuck her silly. After that, they'd switch places, right?



TG caption: What will you choose in the end?

Yeah, it feels good doesn't it? You enjoy feeling a hard cock splitting your new wet pussy open, don't you?

I still find hard to believe that just last week you were a guy and now just look at you moan and squirm like a little bitch on heat.

You were always up for trying something new so I knew it would be easy to convince you to get into the skin of a hot brunette for a day. Sure, the plan was just to make my ex-girlfriend jealous. But it has been more than a day, right? What you didn't know was that little brunette suit was a special pleasure model I ordered. Can you really blame me though? Wouldn't you make a perfect girlfriend if you had the chance? All I needed was a warm body to fill the suit.

At first, it was a little bit awkward and you did have to get adjusted to the suit but I'm sure the extra sensitive spots really got you hooked on the pleasure of the manly type. I'm sure it was weird for you to have such sensitive breasts but we got past that right? I know you enjoy them. I caught you playing with them several times and once I touched them then there wasn't anything you wanted more in the world.

Look at you spreading your legs for me to fuck you. I know you resisted as much as you could but it was inevitable. That's what the suit was designed for, to feel pleasure and give pleasure. Sure, I'll probably let you out of the suit when I get tired of fucking you every day but when the time comes, and it will come, will you want to? 


Cancelling the www.tgcomix.com domain

I decided some changes are in order. I will be cancelling my tgcomix.com domain so in the future you will have to link to the default Blogger URL that is:


Hope you blonde bimbo ditsy brains can remember that and I know... it's longer to type it. boo hoo. 

See you on the other side.


TG Captions: About to cum...

My name is Chris and I guess I was just a regular guy. You know, the kind of guy that was a bit curious about how the other side lived. Unlike other guys, I was a warlock and I had this magic book that let me transform into a girl if I wanted to. The temptation had always been there, but magic is powerful stuff and transformation spells are notoriously hard.

My first mistake was not completely understanding the full power of the side effects. Once, I had turned my body into one of a hot brunnette, the urges were there. They were palpable. Within hours of the spell I felt empty. This void between my legs that I felt it needed to be filled. From the looks of it, I was 19 years old and a very horny one. I thought I could handle it. That my willpower was strong but I succumbed. I found myself walking into the first bar and guys started buying me drinks.

That's when I make my second mistake. I drank. I didn't think I drank too much but then again I weighted at least 80 pounds less than a few hours ago. It didn't take long for the alcohol to numb my common sense and I knew I was really find out what it was to be a woman when I found myself in the couch naked with a man. My new smooth crotch was alien to me but not to him. He knew exactly what to do and that was when I felt it inside me. His throbbing cock spreading my womanly lips apart and entering deep inside me. I squirmed but it only excited him. His cock pulsed inside me sending waves of pleasure up my spine into my brain and releasing into feminine moans of pleasure.

I knew I was in trouble but I could not resist his hardness. That's when I made my last mistake. he held me firmly and grunted in excitement as he pounded deep inside me. I squirmed, half ass trying to escape his grip or perhaps to feel him rub my insides rougher. I can't quite remember at this point. I do remember though when he whispered into my ear that he was going to fill me up. I fought for one last attempt to escape but my bod betrayed me again as he emptied his balls inside my new permanent pussy.


TG captions: Daddy's Girl.

Joe could not believe his friend Mark had agreed on stepping into the MAU and allow him to change him into a girl. The deal was that afterwards it would be Joe's turn. Joe always had this fantasy and now it was going to become true. As he caressed Mark's new soft body and lightly brushed his new breasts, he knew this was going to be fun. It was very hard to imagine that was Mark just a few seconds ago.

Mark stepped into the MAU thinking of all the fun he was going to have when it was Joe's turn to change. All he had to endure was being the first girl. How hard could that be? There was a flash and then Mark stepped out and for a second he felt weird being much shorter and having to look up to Joe. The new long hair falling on his narrow shoulders was different too but mostly his center of gravity was off as he stepped out. He felt the strange weight of his large and supple breasts barely covered by his new mid rift tshirt that showed off his flat stomach leading down to the flatness of his new crotch.

As Mark felt Joe's hand caress the bottom of his new breasts, Mark let a gasp of pleasure and said "Daddy!" At that moment he knew something was wrong.


TG caption: Never taken seriously!

I've been trying to convince my girlfriend to have some implants for months. She always complained that they would look too big and she'd never be taken seriously. One day she finally said if what big fake implants was my thing, then she would do it. The next day we went to the clinic and we signed some papers just in case something went wrong with the surgery. One can never be too careful right? The only problem is that I didn't read the papers. Later I found that those were consent forms for certain operations to be done to me and control given to my girlfriend. I woke up in the hospital with a new weight on my chest. The papers were also for some body contouring. I already had a slim frame so all the surgery needed was some hips and butt implants, that was enough to give me an hourglass figure plus my new heavy breasts helped.

I later found that the papers let the surgeons reconstruct my penis into a new vagina but at the last minute, my girlfriend decided that a new experimental surgery was much better and safer. It kept my penis intact but inside me and it kept its high sensitivity. I've explored with my fingers of course and I have to say that I could not tell my equipment apart from a real pussy. At first people were confused because I had the body of a hot girl but an emasculated face. However, make up and a few follow up surgeries are slowly changing my face. It isn't that I want them but my girlfriend slips a sleeping pill on my drink at times and I always wake up on the hospital with something done. They have already changed my lips, noses and shaped my nose.

I have tried talking to the clinic that performed all these changes on me but whenever I go to talk to them, all they do is stare at my new boobs, comment how hot I look and what a great job they've done... and I'm never taken seriously!


TG caption: I'd fuck myself.

I can't believe I agreed to do swap bodies with my girlfriend. I've always been a red blooded guy but I could just not resist see what it felt like to try being a girl. Just getting ready for going out has been a struggle. I keep looking at myself at the mirror all the time expecting a huge hard on but all I really feel on my flat crotch is being moist and tingly all over. I keep wondering if my old body will grab my new hips and just ravage me from the back like I used to do it. Will I just bend over willingly and let my old cock enter me in new ways? I can't stop thinking about it. I guess I'm not as manly as I thought I was. I really don't look like a man at all anymore.