TG caption: Riding the edge

Thomas: Go ahead Calvin, you didn't mind when you stepped into the MAU and turned yourself in to a pretty girl saying you wanted to try new things that only women want to do. You said you wanted to try how to suck a cock like a little cock sucker, that the mere thought of it made your new pussy tingle. You so eagerly pulled and sucked that you made me so hard. My throbbing cock showering you with hot jizz. now that you've taken some cum into your sweet mouth, you'll be stuck just like you are!

Calvin: No!!! Shit, This was supposed to be a one time thing. I can't be a girl. Stop. Crap, I swallowed some...

Thomas: I know. You thought you could just play with my cock and then not make me cum. Surprise, you're my bitch now. Get back here and be a good girl now or you'll be on the street with no money or ID. I'm sure guys would love that.


  1. Wow, that's...hot, XD. I love the reaction in that gif, it was screaming to be capped :).

  2. Wish I could try that!

  3. Shit, my tits, their growing--their fucking melons

    Why, yes, they will grow until you blow me again!

    I can't, I just can't...

    Try diddling yourself

    OH, OOOH, OOOOH Crap, I feel my brains leaking out of my cunt.

    FUCK--you turned me into a dumb cunt--no way am I going to--OH Gawd--I need to be fucked--I'll do anything--anything

    1. Oh my words! Someone whose comments sound much like my "epELLEogues"! Nice work, Stranger! You might just be a captioneer-in-the-making! (although, "they are" = "they're" ; unless you're talking about something which belongs to your new tits, as in; "My tits are getting bigger! And their nipples are getting hard and tender! Dude, I need you to suck on them while you shove your cock inside my hungry cunt!!!" ... Still, I applaud your sharing what Sasha's cap inspire in your pretty mind!

  4. Hey Sasha,

    Just wondering how your changes are going? When are we going to see another post from you? :)

  5. Goodness I wouldn't pull away, unless it tasted lousy. Cum can be so tasty.

  6. "... Thomas: {oh, damn, why is the thought that Calvin is a sexy, horny slut making my cock even harder than normal?! i've never had a chick give such good head before, but, for some reason, I can't help wondering what having a tight, slick snatch filled with cock will feel like!} "That's it, Callie, lay back and spread 'em for me! Afterward, if you're good, I might just have to use the M.A.U. to find out what being in your position is like! And if you're really good, I might make you a well-hung she-male... for a little while, anyway!" ..."

    Well, might as well use the thing while it's working, eh, Sasha!?!
    Peace,Love&Kisses from a lont-time fan!!!

  7. is it bad if i want rammed by my gf while im in a diaper, dress, and bra?