TG caption: The revelation.

Going to the bikini beach was lots of fun. What red blood male doesn't want to hang out in a beach full of bikini clad girls? Sure I was there as a girl too and had to wear a bikini and we had no idea who was a real girl or not. I think I must have looked pretty convincing because there were some "girls" who really wanted to get on with me and asked for my number so they could reach me outside the beach. I was just going to give them some fake number but my girlfriend was sure to give them my real number and telling them that I would love to meet with them later some other time.

You see she thought that I acted so convincingly girly at the beach that I should experiment for a few more days outside the beach. What she didn't tell me was that the pass she got was for the rest of the summer for a few months, so I guess I'll be stuck with these tan lines for a little longer.


  1. So, going into Gif Captions/stories eh? I love em! As I said on Candy's blog, so much feeling and drama can be conveyed only in 'motion'.

    Bikimi Beach, classic, I like it best when it's a trick for the transformee, like here :).

    1. Oh, I don't know, Dain; It sure looks to me like it's definitely a treat for this transformee... and whoever he's with!!!