Tg caption (guest): Sasha326 bodysuit

This TG caption is from sometime ago. I still enjoy the dialogue and the excitement of having something like this happen to me.


  1. You always make a hot girl wherever you pop, Sasha! Thanks so much for sharing this damn sexy series; would love to get on the list to pre-order one of these.


  2. With the developing nanite technology a real body suit will be available soon!

  3. Ah, but alas, LaurieJean, such cutting-edge technologies would doubtfully become affordable for the less affluent 'should-be-shes' like myself until far into the future. :-(

    Your tail i -uh- tale is pretty HAWT, babe! But probably not nearly as hot as having his head make your story a never-ending one!


  4. Sasha dollsuit maskhead could be shown being pulled off during the sex while riding cowgirl style bouncing happily on top of that huge dick and after the guy pulls out of the dollskin pussy, he is shown shooting a huge load in between the unmasked dollskin boobs and unmasked dollskin wearers face-then the dollsuit wearer pulls out his huge headed 12 inch cock from the dollskin pussy for the other guy to stroke it before the dollskin wearer pulls off the stretch neck dollskin completely