TG caption: new dawn

A quick clean TG caption about the things that are about to happen when you just yourself go.


TG caption (guest): Wishes

A TG caption that solves a lot of our modern problems.


TG caption (guest): puppy girl

Here's a TG caption where I get transformed into an obedient sexy puppy girl.


Tg caption (guest): Sasha326 bodysuit

This TG caption is from sometime ago. I still enjoy the dialogue and the excitement of having something like this happen to me.


TG caption (guest): Idle Wish

This TG caption was the second one I ever got and it shows how easy life would be.


TG caption (guest): Insane in the brain

Circa May 8, 2009 was when I started a new journey. I joined the awesome TG caption community at the Rachels Haven. This was the first cap someone posted for me. I had been making captions before but they had been just for this blog or for individual consumption. The trading of TG captions have been a wonderful spurt of imagination and creativity and I have meet some other wonderful artist. As a matter of fact, most of the top TG blogs you see today had their beginning at the Haven before they started doing their own thing.