Questions: Ever consider entering the porn industry?

Nah, I'm too shy for that and once you enter you just never know where you will exit. I've considered starting my own site and model there for paid subscriptions. But how would I stay anonymous that way? I just think that once you get into porn then if you don't make it and try to find a regular job, you might run into some problems.

Question: Where is your list of blogs?

No idea. I don't know if you guys like these new blogger formats or the old designs are better? Let me know. Otherwise I'll just do whatever I want to do. Hmmm... that's what I'll probably end up doing anyway.

Question: I am greatly turned on by the milking fetish where women are milked like cows. Could you do me a TG comic in which a woman steals milk from a farm and as a punishment has to provide milk for the farmer by being milked by a milking machine?

Erm... wow! Love the imagination but this is really not my thing.

Question: HOOOOOOOOORAAAAY!!! Sasha back! Where've you been, sexy minx? Arooooga, Arooooga!!!

Classy. Are you in college? Don't you know how to behave? And most importantly, where is the frat house and when can I come in?

Question: I can't remember if you ever said if you were into manga/anime or not in a previous response...so here's a two part question. Are you into anime/manga and if so, do you read/watch a lot of Trap stuff?

I enjoy manga but I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't know the terminology of the styles but I enjoy the more adult stuff kind of drawing. I have not seen any trap stuff but I love trap stuff. I just don't seem to find much of that on the web. Any suggestions?

Question: sooooo.... when do we get to see you in your halloween outfit? (bounces impatiently)

You just did. :-)

Question: Out of all the actors to play 007, who is your favourite-Barry Nelson, who played him on US TV, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig?

Sean Connery is an all time classic but I think I just enjoy him as a really good actor. For some reason Timothy Dalton has stuck in my mind as the image of 007. Daniel Craig is pretty good but I think he's more of a darker 007 just like the newer Batmans movies.

Girls, be good to your man tonight and keep your lips moist. Happy new year!