Question: If I wanted to dress like a girl, or was dressed as a girl when I met you, how would you react?

I'd be shocked... appalled... wait a second, are you hot looking? ;-) I'd probably be just surprised and would think it was great. What would you wear? Would we meet in the evening and you'd be dressed as a prostitute? Now, that'd be fun!

Sasha, I can suck myself off, how does that make you feel?

Who said America doesn't have talent? Oh wait... are you American?

Are u TG?


When did you first have sex?

I first had sex when I was 18 years old. I guess you can probably tell that I wasn't really the jock type so it took some time and effort to find that special girl. And, I just wanted to wait to be legal. Yeah, that's what I tell myself. ;-)

Hi, i was wondering if i send a pic of me to you, would you caption it and find a girl which you want me to turn into?

Go a-head email it to me.


  1. You look like you enjoying yourself but who wouldnt dressed and feeling girly with a nice cock there for the taking.

  2. That's a beautiful cocktail I'm jealous! I want a train run on me so bad all I've done KS suck and take it in the ass..... I live big black dock tho omg