Question: I love your TG Comics, Sasha. Is there even the remotest possibility that they might one day be downloadable, so the reader could take his time reading the comic at their leisure? And who is the mysterious Sasha ? I've got the hots for her!

Thanks for loving my TG captions so much that you want to download and take them with you all the time. At this time I do not have any way to put it together in a place so you can download the whole bunch. I can look into put at least the comics into a zip file and find a place where I can upload the file to share. I can try to do that when I got time.

Sasha is a figment of my imagination that comes to life from another realm into yours. She only visits us when you close your eyes at night or when you are on my blog. ;-)

Sasha, I have 3 questions. 1: What is the name of the Sasha model? 2: Where do you get your models? 3: Have you ever appeared in any of your TG comics, even disguised? Yours sincerely, Mr. Enigma Mystery.

Mr. Enigma Mystery, ooohhh that sounds like a double mystery to solve! The Sasha model's name is Sasha, sometimes she goes by the name of Sam when she doesn't want anyone to find about her or when she needs to function in the real world.

I get my models from surfing the web with all their free goodies. You have to thanks the internet for free porn! I remember sneaking in to check on my dad's playboys for the articles. That was so old school!

I believe I have appeared in one of my TG captions. I think it was one of my early Sasha schoolgirl captions.

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