Question: I started dating this girl and my friend who once dated the girl told me she loves wearing Latex, but I am allergic to Latex. Should I tell and How?

Totally not. I think you should just wrap yourself on a latex condom for Halloween and when you have an allergic reaction that will scare the shit out of her. A Halloween she won't forget!

Question: You think waiting to your 18 requires justification? In less than 4 months I will be 31 and I still haven't been on a date much less touched a girl or a guy.

That makes you a highly valuable virgin. Ever saw the movie 30 Year Old Virgin? You too will nab a hottie when you least expect it!

Question: Could you do some pregnant caps?

Sure, who wants to try to get me pregnant?

Question: Mr. Enigma Mystery here again, Sasha. I saw the caption you referred to, but were you No.11, 16 or 3? Also, since boys as well as girls have breasts & mammary glands, why don't you write a TG comic in which a bad boy is punished by being forced to...

That was just an illustration... or maybe not. Maybe I'm one of the numbers but it's a mystery for you to find out. ;-) Remember that you really can't send essays through the formspring box. It cut of your message like a TG caption that cuts off boys' manhood.

Question: WHY do you have some of your images get obscured by some- thing that looks like a damn test card? Check out TG comic: witness-protection-fail and what SHOULD HAVE BEEN the 3rd image, and you will see what I mean.

No idea what you mean by test card. The TG comic looks and reads ok to me. I don't see any images being covered.

Question: Just went through all of your caps. it was interesting to see your progress, and how it all became increasingly more complicated. in your quest for the most expressive cap, dont forget how you started and make a simple one every now and then:) -LiEF & Ro

Glad you enjoyed it. I too agree that I progressed to a great complication and now I'm leaning towards the short and dirty pleasure.

TG caption: Cleaning house was a whole lot different for Sasha ever since she agreed to explore her feminine side.


Reader reveals her/himself!

For some reason people just love to share themselves with me. My fan mail! This is why I'm anonymous. So many internet freaks out there! ;-)


Question: If I wanted to dress like a girl, or was dressed as a girl when I met you, how would you react?

I'd be shocked... appalled... wait a second, are you hot looking? ;-) I'd probably be just surprised and would think it was great. What would you wear? Would we meet in the evening and you'd be dressed as a prostitute? Now, that'd be fun!

Sasha, I can suck myself off, how does that make you feel?

Who said America doesn't have talent? Oh wait... are you American?

Are u TG?


When did you first have sex?

I first had sex when I was 18 years old. I guess you can probably tell that I wasn't really the jock type so it took some time and effort to find that special girl. And, I just wanted to wait to be legal. Yeah, that's what I tell myself. ;-)

Hi, i was wondering if i send a pic of me to you, would you caption it and find a girl which you want me to turn into?

Go a-head email it to me.


TG caption: the last pill

This TG caption is just fresh off the press. Just made it right now. A picture of a super hot babe and the eternal question, what would you do if you were given the choice? 


Question: I love your TG Comics, Sasha. Is there even the remotest possibility that they might one day be downloadable, so the reader could take his time reading the comic at their leisure? And who is the mysterious Sasha ? I've got the hots for her!

Thanks for loving my TG captions so much that you want to download and take them with you all the time. At this time I do not have any way to put it together in a place so you can download the whole bunch. I can look into put at least the comics into a zip file and find a place where I can upload the file to share. I can try to do that when I got time.

Sasha is a figment of my imagination that comes to life from another realm into yours. She only visits us when you close your eyes at night or when you are on my blog. ;-)

Sasha, I have 3 questions. 1: What is the name of the Sasha model? 2: Where do you get your models? 3: Have you ever appeared in any of your TG comics, even disguised? Yours sincerely, Mr. Enigma Mystery.

Mr. Enigma Mystery, ooohhh that sounds like a double mystery to solve! The Sasha model's name is Sasha, sometimes she goes by the name of Sam when she doesn't want anyone to find about her or when she needs to function in the real world.

I get my models from surfing the web with all their free goodies. You have to thanks the internet for free porn! I remember sneaking in to check on my dad's playboys for the articles. That was so old school!

I believe I have appeared in one of my TG captions. I think it was one of my early Sasha schoolgirl captions.


TG caption: still-got-married

I don't usually read my TG stories when I repost them here but I remembered this one to be particularly good so I did... and I was right. It was hot. It's quirky, fun, flirty and with a great ending. Yeah, I can blow my own horn.