Question: I think it is very cute when a girl wears guy clothes. Do you ever walk around your apt. wearing nothing but one of your boyfriend's dress shirts and a coy smile?

I certainly would if I had a boyfriend, any takers? ;-) Please email me pics so that I can select one.

Question: Can i be a sissy with 16 years old?

You can be anything you want. That is a prime age to be sissified. The world tells you can do and be anything you want to do just be prepared to deal with the consequences... good or bad.

Question: My computer had a seizure and now it lost all it's memory. What if that happened to you? Your computer I meant... although it does work both ways.

If my computer lost all it's memory it would suck because I'd have to install everything again. I wouldn't really lose much because I'm anal and I have lots of things on a 2nd drive so I'd just have to use the back up. Oh, you meant my computer? It would be the same thing.

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  1. Wouldn't Sam let you borrow one of his shirts to play dress up in? Or would that be a little too... recursive. <3 SSA