Question: I think it is very cute when a girl wears guy clothes. Do you ever walk around your apt. wearing nothing but one of your boyfriend's dress shirts and a coy smile?

I certainly would if I had a boyfriend, any takers? ;-) Please email me pics so that I can select one.

Question: Can i be a sissy with 16 years old?

You can be anything you want. That is a prime age to be sissified. The world tells you can do and be anything you want to do just be prepared to deal with the consequences... good or bad.

Question: My computer had a seizure and now it lost all it's memory. What if that happened to you? Your computer I meant... although it does work both ways.

If my computer lost all it's memory it would suck because I'd have to install everything again. I wouldn't really lose much because I'm anal and I have lots of things on a 2nd drive so I'd just have to use the back up. Oh, you meant my computer? It would be the same thing.


TG caption: That is your wife

A naughty TG caption about submitting to your desires. How a lovely wife helps her husband become all he wanted to be.


Question: Why don't you have any TG stories in which a brother is encouraged to dress up like a girl, and not punished?

Because to me part of the whole TG caption appeal is being punished, forced or found out. There is something about the thrill of the risk of doing something you shouldn't be doing.

Are you ever going to do a caption competition, where the funniest ends up in one of your stories?

Probably not. As you probably noticed I have slowed down a bit on the TG caption making process so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.

I wore a bodysuit of a cute young college girl to a party cause I thought it would be cool and no one would know. My best guy friend happened to be there and he is trying to get into my panties, what should I do?

Put the bodysuit again and get fucked like the little bitch that you know you. You know you want it. Just make sure to come back and tell us all how it was.

My girlfriend first turned me on to crossdressing, I'm now very passable and incurably hooked. Recently she suggested she would like me to start taking Female Hormones. What are the side effects if any and can they be reversed?

Side effects is looking like a girl. Your success will vary depending on genetics. The longer you are on hormones there will be some things that will be harder to reverse.

Ha, ha, ha! Not data table, I said-look, I'll say it once more, in simple terms, this time. Is it possibe for me to date-you know, take the Sasha model to dinner?

Sorry, I'm in a relationship and I keep my internet life separate from my real world life.

Can you make a caption with my pic?

Yes, go ahead and email it to me.

Where do you shop for your transgender clothes?

Fortunately for me, I just go anywhere. I'm not a big guy so most girl stores have clothes that fit me. Online stores are amazon and even ebay. You can also shop online for the equivalent of all the brick and mortar stores, like Victoria's Secret, GAP, BR, Guess, etc. One of my favorite store is Forever 21 have nice sexy clothes that are very affordable.

Are you married?

I'm in a long term relationship.


TG caption: the-headpiece

An old school TG captions that starts like this, a long long time many moons ago, somewhere in the middle east a boy and a girl have a costume idea for the now called Halloween.