Question: Sasha, on one TG website, I found a Julia James comic strip. Do you have any idea what that site was called, and where do you get your models?

No idea. I searched google and shows there is one on Amazon? However, I'm pretty sure you did not mean that Julia. I get my models form the vastness of the internet.

Hello, Sasha, my name is Lamorak, & I love your TG comics. Is there any way I could buy one of your comics with English cash so it could be mailed to me?

Sorry but they are not published in paper format.

Did you know that boys and men have breasts and mammary glands of their own, and their milk is far more nutritious than a woman's milk?

I better start developing my mammary glands them.

As a woman, Sasha, do you think it's fair that women can wear mens' clothes, but men cannot wear womens' clothes? Also, have you thought of a caption competion for the viwers of your website?

Sure men can wear women's clothes. I do it all the time. I think fairness is a tough word. If you view all the other impositions and expectations and limitations that women still face today then a matter of clothes does not seem fair at all. Besides, aren't the biggest fashion designers men? So in a way women are wearing clothes designed my male minds. What are the ramifications?

Is the Sasha model datable?

I don't think I'd like to be put on a data table. ;-)


  1. Lamorak and Caitlyn have an entertaining relationship. Glad to see he reaches out to You too. Any word from his brother/cousin Bamorak? Also, you are a lovely model, but kitchen tables are better than data tables...

  2. Yes, I read all about it on Caitlyn's blog. Damn internet puts it all out there for everyone to read!

    PS. Kitchen tables usually are sturdy enough...