Question: Would you ever show us your bulge? Like through some hot little boyshorts of yours?

I believe I already posted one in boy shorts some time ago.

Hi Sasha: I really, really enjoy the hooker fantasies. Can you please do more? Also, any blogs on the subject that you would recommend? Thxs, Brandy

Hooker fantasies are fun. I'll keep your request in mind. Unfortunately I do not have any other recommendations.

When are you going to update your comics tab?

When I make new comics. It may be some time. I'm without the inspiration and time to make long TG comics these days.

Dear sasha, It seems to me that you ONLY do tg stuff on this website... and not that tg isn't THE best thing in the world, but if that is all that you do eventually you will find it boring. I suggest finding ways to keep it new like:

(cont.) going forward with your tg stuff or finding the places where tg and other "topics" overlap. -hugs and kisses from a concerned friend.

Thanks for your thoughtful message. However it seems like the form ate most of it. So far this blog covers TG captions and comics and my own crossdressing adventures. I'd love to hear what other options you had suggested. I await your follow up suggestions.

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