Question: Where do you get your models from? In particular, who is the Sasha model?

Who is the SASHA model? And will she be used for any story? Anonymous would like to know, because I think she's cute!

Sorry about the long question, Sasha, but where do you get your models from? I'd love 2 know. Your buddy, Anonymous.

Three questions asking the same thing? New readers? If you like the model Sasha very much then I suggest you to read my prior posts. Plenty of pictures of 'her' and you even might get to know her a little bit after you read all that stuff. I know... words hurt our brains. Sasha may be on some future TG captions if it strikes my fancy.

All other models I got their pics from the web (no particular website).

Hi, Sasha! It's me. Anonymous again. I came up with my own word for a woman's breasts, namely, Pleasure Pillows, because sometimes a woman or young woman will let a boy fall asleep with his head resting on her breast. Do you find it offensive?

There are so many names for breasts that it really doesn't matter. I don't think pleasure pillows offensive at all. It sounds kind of cute. Besides, if a girl lets you fall asleep on her breasts she must like you a lot. The question is do you like big or small pillows? And what shape?

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  1. Well, Sasha, unlike most guys, I'm really not into giant breasts. I'm really easily
    pleased with girls about 5ft. 6ins. in height, burgundy red or brunette hair, blue or brown eyes, a straight nose, and vital statistics of 36C-24-35 inches. I also
    like girls who aren't easily shocked by unusual suggestions. Your friend, Enigma