Question: How long have you been involved in the TG scene? I'm a straight guy, so would you be offended if I wore female clothing? I am epileptic, 5ft. 8ins. tall, with a 39 inch chest and 36 inch waist and short-cut dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Would [cut]

This would have been a curious question. Remember that formspring does not let you write essays when you ask me something so try to keep it short, otherwise you risk having your answer cut short. I have been interested in TG since I was a kid, so that is some years.

No, I'm not offended that you are a straight guy that wants to dress up. You are just like me. I'm straight'ish and I dress up. I think dressing up has little to do with who you want to have sex. Hmmm... let's say it is just complicated. Human sexuality is so complicated and we are all trying to make sense out of it, which is hard. Putting labels on something and categorizing will always be a generalization and what may be applicable to the masses may not be what it applies to you. So, yeah, it's complicated. Just have fun!

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