Question: Hi! I'm Mr. Lamorak Korving. Sasha, if it was legal, and approved of by Society, would you work as a prostitute?

Sure thing I would. You say if it was approved by society... so does that mean it would be a profession just like any other hopefully without all the sleaziness and safety measures in place. So, yeah, why  not? Everyone loves sex right?

Sasha, a see you as stunningly beautiful woman with sexy and inviting come-to-bed blue eyes and a sensual mouth, measuring 36-24-35 inches, but have you ever made long TG Serials, like Annabelle Raven does?

I have not made any stories like she does. I looked it up and she is quite good. I just haven't had the inclination to write long text stories that are illustrated with pictures. Although, I do enjoy reading them quite a bit. Oh yeah, thanks for the compliments. You have quite an imagination. So, I'm a brunette with blue eyes? Something like this?

What if we saw just your eyes?

What if... I did... will... maybe. ;-)

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  1. Lamorak Korving here again, Sasha. Yeah,
    DEFINITELY like that. Would please include my 7
    kids-Lust, Greed, Gluttony,Sloth, Anger, Pride &
    Envy and their 7 cousins-Temperance, Peudence,
    Justice, Charity, Fortitude, Faith & Hope in one
    of your comics? Their cousins are feeling a bit
    put out since Rauk has mainly concentrated on the Sins, and not them. This has put Sloth in the rather unusual role if Agony Aunt. She's 17
    years ild, by the way.