Question: Where do you get your models from? In particular, who is the Sasha model?

Who is the SASHA model? And will she be used for any story? Anonymous would like to know, because I think she's cute!

Sorry about the long question, Sasha, but where do you get your models from? I'd love 2 know. Your buddy, Anonymous.

Three questions asking the same thing? New readers? If you like the model Sasha very much then I suggest you to read my prior posts. Plenty of pictures of 'her' and you even might get to know her a little bit after you read all that stuff. I know... words hurt our brains. Sasha may be on some future TG captions if it strikes my fancy.

All other models I got their pics from the web (no particular website).

Hi, Sasha! It's me. Anonymous again. I came up with my own word for a woman's breasts, namely, Pleasure Pillows, because sometimes a woman or young woman will let a boy fall asleep with his head resting on her breast. Do you find it offensive?

There are so many names for breasts that it really doesn't matter. I don't think pleasure pillows offensive at all. It sounds kind of cute. Besides, if a girl lets you fall asleep on her breasts she must like you a lot. The question is do you like big or small pillows? And what shape?


TG caption: -whats-for-dessert?

Always wear a uniform when you're doing house chores.


Question: Hi! I'm Mr. Lamorak Korving. Sasha, if it was legal, and approved of by Society, would you work as a prostitute?

Sure thing I would. You say if it was approved by society... so does that mean it would be a profession just like any other hopefully without all the sleaziness and safety measures in place. So, yeah, why  not? Everyone loves sex right?

Sasha, a see you as stunningly beautiful woman with sexy and inviting come-to-bed blue eyes and a sensual mouth, measuring 36-24-35 inches, but have you ever made long TG Serials, like Annabelle Raven does?

I have not made any stories like she does. I looked it up and she is quite good. I just haven't had the inclination to write long text stories that are illustrated with pictures. Although, I do enjoy reading them quite a bit. Oh yeah, thanks for the compliments. You have quite an imagination. So, I'm a brunette with blue eyes? Something like this?

What if we saw just your eyes?

What if... I did... will... maybe. ;-)


TG caption: do-not-eat-donut-in-car

A fun TG caption about cars and donuts. Are you messy when you eat in the car? Do you eat in the car? Do all Germans don't eat in their cars? Do Americans eat McDonald's in the car? Do French eat 5 course meals in the car? Lots of questions!


Question: Would you ever show us your bulge? Like through some hot little boyshorts of yours?

I believe I already posted one in boy shorts some time ago.

Hi Sasha: I really, really enjoy the hooker fantasies. Can you please do more? Also, any blogs on the subject that you would recommend? Thxs, Brandy

Hooker fantasies are fun. I'll keep your request in mind. Unfortunately I do not have any other recommendations.

When are you going to update your comics tab?

When I make new comics. It may be some time. I'm without the inspiration and time to make long TG comics these days.

Dear sasha, It seems to me that you ONLY do tg stuff on this website... and not that tg isn't THE best thing in the world, but if that is all that you do eventually you will find it boring. I suggest finding ways to keep it new like:

(cont.) going forward with your tg stuff or finding the places where tg and other "topics" overlap. -hugs and kisses from a concerned friend.

Thanks for your thoughtful message. However it seems like the form ate most of it. So far this blog covers TG captions and comics and my own crossdressing adventures. I'd love to hear what other options you had suggested. I await your follow up suggestions.


Question: Have you ever thought of using your friends-male and female, in your TG stories?

No, out of respect for their privacy. At the same time, they would create another breadcrumb that could eventually lead to me. I enjoy my privacy too so that way I can be unprivate on the internet. There is some freedom when the consequences are vague and distant.


TG caption: perfect-in-every-way

A happy ending in my TG caption universe! Unbelievable!


Question: How long have you been involved in the TG scene? I'm a straight guy, so would you be offended if I wore female clothing? I am epileptic, 5ft. 8ins. tall, with a 39 inch chest and 36 inch waist and short-cut dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Would [cut]

This would have been a curious question. Remember that formspring does not let you write essays when you ask me something so try to keep it short, otherwise you risk having your answer cut short. I have been interested in TG since I was a kid, so that is some years.

No, I'm not offended that you are a straight guy that wants to dress up. You are just like me. I'm straight'ish and I dress up. I think dressing up has little to do with who you want to have sex. Hmmm... let's say it is just complicated. Human sexuality is so complicated and we are all trying to make sense out of it, which is hard. Putting labels on something and categorizing will always be a generalization and what may be applicable to the masses may not be what it applies to you. So, yeah, it's complicated. Just have fun!


Question: PLAYING ALONG was a great story, but where do you get your models from?

Thank you and I hope you enjoy many more of my TG captions and stories. I just get my models from surfing the web for pretty girls in certain scenarios and stuff. I generally look around without having any TG caption or storyline in mind. Sometimes I save pics that I think I might use later. As you can tell this is a very unscientific method, it is much more touchy feely as I go along. You just never know when creativity is going to burst out and make a mess of everything. You just need to stay open and ride the internet waves. Surf's up!


TG caption: new daughter

On this TG caption, I love the look on her.


Question: Are you into futanari/TS women more than men?

Oh yes, futanari is pretty hot. It is all part of the m2f fantasy of being so feminine'ly sexy with a secret. I can only hope one day I'll look like her.


Question: do you derp at sometimes?

Maybe when something is really funny.


TG caption: pool potion backfrire

With the summer here, there is nothing like a swimming pool to quench the heat.