Question: Would you permanently swap your body for that of your girlfriend's (she would take over your body)?

I absolutely would. She has an amazing body. Of course after we traded bodies I'd have to feminize her in my body to that of a sexy vixen. She of course would like to have her body back but because the swap would be permanent I see a heavy dosage of hormones in her future. muuahhaha!


  1. I like being in her body, and be young forever.

  2. I would gladly change. I actually asked her if she would swap with me if we could. She said, ”Actually, YES!...” When I asked her why, she said she had always wondered what it was like to feel sex as a man.. Womp womp! We both could lose some weight, but I wouldn't mind having her bod and redick-ulous sex drive. She wants it ALL THE TIME, and she climaxes sooooo many times, she eventually will pass out if I keep it up at that pace, but I usually bring her back around by continuing even more, only to repeat the cycle.

    I think it would be amazing to experience that for myself.. I wouldn't want to give it up!

    1. Thats a hot story Alexandra. So awesome!

  3. wow, how deliciously evil of you! lol. love it!

  4. I would totally do it in a minute! I can think of tons of girls I know that I'd swap with :D