TG caption: niels-vs-sasha-and-anna

A fun TG caption I made some time ago for a very special German bimbo.


TG caption: hermosa

What could possibly go wrong when you want to ride a hot car? I made this TG caption some time ago but somehow got lost in all my files. It is about a boy that casts a spell that goes wrong or does it?


Question:When did you first recognize your own TG feelings? Looking back do you see examples throughout your past?

It was as a young boy borrowing my mother's one piece swimsuit, bikini and short skirts (from when she was young). Shame I didn't have a camera at the time. Nothing like a naturally teen hairless body to pass as a girl minus the large breasts of course.


Question: Would you permanently swap your body for that of your girlfriend's (she would take over your body)?

I absolutely would. She has an amazing body. Of course after we traded bodies I'd have to feminize her in my body to that of a sexy vixen. She of course would like to have her body back but because the swap would be permanent I see a heavy dosage of hormones in her future. muuahhaha!


Question: Do you wear thongs? How many do you have?

I think every girl should have at least a pair and I'm no exception. I do own a couple. There is something about them that just screams femininity the way the straps go around my waist and the thong splits my behind. I found that after you wear them on a regular basis you do get used to them and it almost like they are not there. Surprisingly comfortable and sexy.

TG caption: center-of-attention

TG caption exploring what would be like to be the center of attention.