Question: Has any guy offered, or given you a blow-job? If not, would you want one to?

No one has offered me anything! :-( But it isn't like I go about advertising that I want one either. To be honest, when I'm Sasha I really don't think of getting one. It is more about giving one. I guess it's because in my fantasy I really do not have a cock to receive. I imagine myself more as having a wet pussy and mouth ready to receive. I think the thought of being on my knees and looking up override all of my testosterone.


  1. I would love to receive a blow job from you, and I would love to deep tongue your asshole as I would love to lick a wet pussy. Your asshole would be so wet after my tongue work, you would then able to accept my hard cock for a sensuous, erotic fuck.

  2. I agree with Sasha! Of I was all dressed up like that girl I would try to suck as well (Im a bi curios male)its just such a beautiful picture!