Question: Is it wrong to want to be a female if you are atracted to females

No, that is why lesbians are so hot. Watching them or being them. Same hotness.

which group of people would you want to attract?

I'm mostly attracted to women but fantasizing about a heterosexual man having the hots for me is quite a turn on. Perhaps it is the thrill of the thought that there is a man that would normally only look at genetic women would be interested in a non-genetic girl - me. I guess it would be a validation of sorts I guess.


Questions from a eager questioneer

I got a bunch of questions that I assume were from the same reader. Here is my attempt to answer them as best I can.

why do kamimaze pilots whear helmets?/ can i get it in extra medeium?/ "when i was young, they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. i said 'happy' and they said to me that i didn't understand the question. i said to them that they didnt understan [end]

Kamikaze pilots wear helmets just in case they do not slip and fall when they go that one last time to the bathroom. We wouldn't want they do have a premature death. I'm sorry but helmets only come in extra small because anyone that has a larger brain cavity would not be a kamikaze pilot. Happy is a great answer. By the way I guess you found out that if you are going to send me an essay question you will have to break it up in parts otherwise formspring cuts it off for you.

what's another word for thesaurus? how come there are ice cream flavored jelly beans, but no jelly bean flavored ice cream? what's the opposite of sex?(taxes)

Another word is glossary. What is ice cream flavor? I don't think I ever had ice cream flavored ice cream. Opposite of sex is anti-sex. If you want an opposite you just add anti- before the word. Like the opposite of penis is anti-penis. You must have heard the expression, "I want to fuck that anti-penis so hard."

how old are you?/ how old is lauren?/ what color are your eyes?/ is 401 k a bra size?/ how do you spell a?/ how many 'o's in sex?/ whats hot, smart, and irritated my the amount of questions that i've asked?

I'm young and but oldish. Lauren is about the same age as I am. My eyes are brownish greenish bluish. 401k is the biggest bra size I heard of and it grows with time. I spell with a 'q.' Depends on how good it is and how many people are sexing at that time. Your questions were irritating hot and entertaining.

Your enthusiasm is applauded and sexy. You deserve... a cookie.


TG caption: andrea-mexico-flag

A TG caption for my hermanos y hermanas.


Question: Has any guy offered, or given you a blow-job? If not, would you want one to?

No one has offered me anything! :-( But it isn't like I go about advertising that I want one either. To be honest, when I'm Sasha I really don't think of getting one. It is more about giving one. I guess it's because in my fantasy I really do not have a cock to receive. I imagine myself more as having a wet pussy and mouth ready to receive. I think the thought of being on my knees and looking up override all of my testosterone.


TG caption: bazooka-nill

A fun TG caption with sexy girl and guns. Can't go wrong.



Question: Do your parents know you crossdress?

No one knows but my girlfriend and the internet. Although because I'm not the manliest of man as I mentioned before I have been told I'd make a pretty girl by random people. My family has told me about how recently I look a lot like my mother when she was younger. Some of my cousins have joked that I'm gay and that my girlfriend is just a distraction or that I should just admit it.

Conspiracy theories abound.


Question: dear sasha, is glittery purple glowing jism a good or bad sign/ quizzically yours Alloy

Dear Alloy,

I don't know much about metals but purple tells me you've probably been drinking too much grape juice. Naturally the juice would react with the metal in your body and create the glitter. The fact that you are a vampire and you naturally glitter under sunlight does not help either, but you probably already knew that. I recommend a good rest. I'd also venture to say to stay away from liquids as much as possible as that will tend to give your jizz a bronze rusty look to it.

Yours Sincerely,



Question: Are you attracted to men, women or both? Sorry if it has been asked before.

I'm 90% attracted to women and 10% to men. That shifts a little more to 50% men when I really get into being Sasha and the fantasy calls for a man to make me a real woman. I basically start by getting dolled up and then something triggers all these female hormones that invade my brain. I find myself slipping a hand in my panties playing with my clitty imagining being a very good girl.


Question: First, I love your site, more then most.. but why are there so few caps out there about boys who want to be girls getting there wish then finding a wonderful man and falling in love.. or even the romance theme in general? Just wondering your thoughts.

My theory is that the people who make the TF captions are in it for a fetish and not really thinking of transitioning male to female. As the captions suggest the most common fantasy is finding oneself in a difficult situation and loss of power. That is a turn on for many people, including myself. The happy ending captions are just as popular fantasy for many of the TG captions artist out there.

Prisoner of our own desires


TG caption: foreign-exchange-student

This TG caption was written to portray passage of time and how Monique's embedded body personality was too overwhelming.