One pill a day...

It is only one...

The words rang in my head and I looked at what was in my hands and what I was considering doing. For a few months now I've been exploring and pondering what would be like to take my feminine experiences further and deeper. Some of you have suggested hypnosis or female hormones. I have been looking into both. While hypnosis is a little more work, hormones on the other hand are easy as popping a pill. Who likes work anyway, right? We live in a society where there are magic pills for everything. But up until today I had done nothing about it.

This evening Lauren came over to my place and gave me a little box, a present she said. We sat on the couch next each other as I opened the box and it had little pills. With a puzzled look she explained that she knew I had been thinking about it so why not try what made me happy. I told her about that I had been reading about it and there are health risks although some people had been taken a do it yourself approach and had been fine. Her response was that we could always go see a doctor whenever I wanted.

Looking at the little pill resting on my hand. I could see it calling my name. A siren song had to resist. Lauren looking at me and I could tell from her look that she was impatient as if saying, "What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted? Live your dreams. Go after your fantasies."

I closed my eyes.

Screw it.

I did it.

I did not sprout breasts. I did not get an instant hourglass figure.

I did not die.

I smiled.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. I hope this is an April Fools!

  3. Wonderfully written! (But of course, we know from last year that you're really a girl anyway) <3 SSA

  4. I can't fool any of you! Like a real girl I do have to take a pill everyday at least that part is true... ish. ;-)

  5. Well, cute pic anyway! ;)