Question: What are your long term plans as far as experimenting w the feminine? Do you see yourself crossdressing? T-girl model? Or perhaps SRS to go all the way?

Oh, the dreaded where do you see yourself in five years question. I really do not know. For many crossdressing is as far as it goes. I've been enjoying it so far and been taking some really tiny baby steps into finding my femininity. I keep telling myself that I'd go as far as trying out some hormones to get all the curves where they are supposed to be but even that is in the far-ish near-ish future.

It sure would be nice to have the soft curves that only a woman has. One day look in the mirror and see something like this looking back at me.

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  1. I know what you mean. When I see the results the guys/girls are getting with herbal estrogen over at BreastNexus, it scares me because i'm afraid that I will try it out and won't be able to stop until I DO look like that girl in the picture!