Question: So, how do you choose what size panties to buy? The problem is buying from the internet....it's hard to get the correct size for men since all measurements are for women...and let's face it, I don't have feminine curves, lol.

The best way to find out what panties to buy is to actually buy and try them out. It is really a trial and error but an educated one. After you find out one brand then you are set, that's the easy way. I also look at measurements as some brands have them online or in the packages (if you're lucky). Other than that I'm pretty slim so that makes me average for a girl which makes it easier to shop. I don't think all panties fit me like they would a girl's body but I manage ok with the right adjustments. Besides, once you have them on it is pretty much hidden so it really doesn't matter unless you are going to take some pictures, right? Then it is all smoke and mirrors.

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  1. go to walmart i do live your life the way you feal i do now and i dont care what people think you are who you are live it