Question: Have you started taking female hormones? If so which one(s) - and how far do you plan to go?

No, not... yet. It is something that I have given some thought about it. I have no idea how to go about it. I hear you can get them off the web but much better to see a doctor because of serious health consequences. I know of one girl who self prescribed for a couple of years and she is ok, but to each their luck. I really would not know how to go about seeing a doctor. See, doctor... I have this fantasy... so... can you give me some hormones just for a few months?

Question: Have you eat your own cum and if so do you have any tip for some one to eat cum?

Already answered. Yes.


  1. I wouldn't go as far to start hormones because of a fantasy. It's not like it is in the tg stories. However if you feel you really are woman I would recommend seeing a doctor about starting hormone therapy. I am male, and I am gay. I find it hot to dress up, go out, and find a boy. It is A LOT of fun, however I know I am a male and keep my fantasy to just that. I feel like a woman when I'm dressed, but not when I'm not.

    Again if you truly feel you are a woman in a man's body then go see a doctor. Liberate yourself. But, if you just want to fulfill a fantasy then I would go that far.

  2. The Guys/Gals at BreastNexus have been having excellent luck as growing breasts using pueraria mirifica which is an herbal estrogen from Thailand. You might want to check it out if you just want to dip your toe in the water before signing up for the real deal.