Question: have you ever given a guy a blow-job? If so - did you let him cum in your mouth - and do you ever fantasize about sucking off several guys at once?

No blow jobs for me yet unless you count virtual ones. I think I can whip out a pretty good cyber one. I'd definitely let him cum in my mouth or my tummy or my face. I know I watch too much nasty sexy porn which gives me all sorts of ideas as fantasies. In those fantasies it does include some group blow out job. I think it is that little secret that we all carry with us at one time or another - humiliation and domination. Loss of control can be very oh so exciting.

where would you be?


  1. YES! On all three counts. However, on the 2nd question, it was a long time ago when it was safe to do so. And I miss it so much.. sigh!

  2. I know I'm not necessarily the one you're looking for an answer from, but yes, I have sucked a few cocks and guys seem to have all sorts of fantasies about where to cum if not in my mouth. It seems like the most popular ones have been my boobs and my face, not sure why guys like to cum on the face of a girl wearing glasses but they seem to enjoy it.

    But maybe it's in the way I do it, I never feel a loss of control. Could be my rule of you get oral, I get oral.

    What I've always wondered from the other side of the fence is a) what is the thrill in cumming all over my body and b) why are so many guys opposed to eating a girl out, especially when they ask us for a blowjob right before refusing?

  3. I was a late bloomer. So I didn't did my first blowjob until I was 34 years old. By that time I was dressing and going out as a woman. From the started I enjoyed it. I've always swallowed because I don't want a mess all over the place and I've learned to like the taste.

    I've had the chance once to suck of several guys. I liked it but it was a lot of work and I got sick form all the cum. I've done it once and don't want to do it again.

  4. I love to suck cock now! I was pretty hesitant my first time but after that its one of my favorit things to do. Usually I let them cum in my mouth but i also think its really hot when they unload it all on my face. Actually Sasha wrote about my first blowjob on here!! :)

  5. Every time I'm with a guy I blow him. First time with a guy was at a gloryhole, was scared and didn't know what to do. Then he stuck a nice cock thru the hole and I just started sucking, next thing I know I hear him saying he's almost there, then pow!!!!! I swallowed it. As to whether he cums in my mouth or on my face is up to him, I like either. I've had 2 guys at once in my mouth, one kinda took control and was giving orders, that was hot and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

  6. gave head to my best friend well over 300 times and I let him cum in my mouth every time and swallowed every drop.i blew him and a friend of his once.