Question: Are you attracted to males or females or androgynous or other crossdressers?

I'd say 90% attracted to females and the rest you can allocate among the others. I'd say I'm susceptible to be seduced by males if they are sexy. Sexiness if very important. I think we all are seduced in one way or another by both sexes otherwise why would male and female movie stars be so successful. Part of being a part-time girl is fantasize and imagine doing sexy things to males which in turn enhances the fantasy (at least for me) of being feminine. It isn't like I go around walking thinking guys are hot. But I have no phobias about recognizing good looking guys. If I so happen to be in a sasha mode then I'd say I take that one notch up and such him up into my fantasy land.

imagine... yummy!


  1. I'm definitely attracted to guys but not just any guy. I don't like the little pretty boy types. I like men who are manly and also smart. They don't have to be handsome or young, just manly and smart.

  2. Deffinitivement les mecs ya rien de mieux woow xoxo