TG caption: a-shot-to-the-head

A TG caption where you have to make a hard choice. Which one would you make?


TG caption: french-girls-best-pussy

Something got lost in translation in this TG caption. Oh wait. Nothing got translated.


TG caption: last-virgin-standing

I liked the contest idea of this TG caption and it was a lot of fun writing it. Before I posted today I re-read it again and oops I saw some errors and stuff. That's what I get for writing directly on photoshop.


TG caption: unforgetable-vday

A little late TG caption for Valentine's Day.


Question: Who the hell is Lauren and how did you get so lucky?

Lauren is my girlfriend who found out I crossdress about a year ago and now taunts me and loves me at the same time. She's my best friend in the world. Oh yeah and she is hot.


Question: What are your most irrational fears? for example: mine is a reoccuring nightmare that I am brainwashed and made feminine with a lab grown STD and sent off to turn the world into bimbos. its very realistic and my doctor said that i'm just being paranoid.

It took me 7 months to answer this question. Proof that I do answer everything! I don't know whether to answer it seriously or to just write some fictional TG story. Obviously whomever asked this question is in dreaded fear of it actually happen and who is not to say it will never happen? So, here it goes...

I don't think I have any irrational fear as they are all very rational to me. I fear that one day I'll wake up and find that I have been down the rabbit hole too far and now I can't get out. I'd have transformed my body into a sex toy so much that there is no way I could ever look like a man again and my only option was to live life as a sex object. Oh wait... what was the question again?


Question: What are your long term plans as far as experimenting w the feminine? Do you see yourself crossdressing? T-girl model? Or perhaps SRS to go all the way?

Oh, the dreaded where do you see yourself in five years question. I really do not know. For many crossdressing is as far as it goes. I've been enjoying it so far and been taking some really tiny baby steps into finding my femininity. I keep telling myself that I'd go as far as trying out some hormones to get all the curves where they are supposed to be but even that is in the far-ish near-ish future.

It sure would be nice to have the soft curves that only a woman has. One day look in the mirror and see something like this looking back at me.


Question: Have you started taking female hormones? If so which one(s) - and how far do you plan to go?

No, not... yet. It is something that I have given some thought about it. I have no idea how to go about it. I hear you can get them off the web but much better to see a doctor because of serious health consequences. I know of one girl who self prescribed for a couple of years and she is ok, but to each their luck. I really would not know how to go about seeing a doctor. See, doctor... I have this fantasy... so... can you give me some hormones just for a few months?

Question: Have you eat your own cum and if so do you have any tip for some one to eat cum?

Already answered. Yes.

Question: I just burned the roof of my mouth on a hot pocket. What should I do? I think I'm getting a blister :'(

It's a good thing you asked me this question because immediate action is required. As soon as I got this email I sensed the emergency in your tone of question. Please do not panic. Here is what you have to do it and you need to do it fast if you want to live. Pay attention as you won't have another chance and I'm not repeating myself.

Step 1. Run downstairs to a sleazy bar/strip club where there are little holes on the stalls.

Step 2. IMPORTANT. Keep your mouth open at all times as you come closer to the little holes. Do not under any circumstances close your mouth as it would result in permanent damage caused by the hot pocket chemical residues.

Step 3. As you come into contact of the little hole, something hard will protrude from the other side and it will slide in and out of your mouth several times. Do not be scared. Soon you will feel moistness in your mouth which will start to relieve and heal your mouth.

Step 4. Stay in position as the hard softness pumps your mouth full of healing liquid. Make sure you open wide and let it hit the back of your throat where the hot pocket did most of the damage.

Step 5. As you feel the last squirts hit the back of your throat, say thank you.

Now, run and do as I told you before it is too late! I'd hate to lose another reader to the evils of hot pockets.


Guest TG captions

TG captions submitted by a guest. It is a different take on using the same pictures I have used before. The person who submitted this tells me it is their first attempt to making TG captions so I would not expect them to be as polished as some captions around the interwebs. Keep making more and trying new things as long as it is fun for you.

It is a different style than the ones I make but variety is the spice of life, right? They are shorter and more to the point so it is kind of like a drive-through fast TG caption order. Enjoy and remember not to chew.

TG caption: sorority-life

This is a fun and flirty TG caption that I made some time ago. I love sororities and all the wonderful things they provide young men and women.

Question: So, do you shave....you know where, and if so, do you shave all of it off, or leave a patch....or what?

I have kept it all very smooth down there for a few months now but I have been doodling with the idea of making a landing strip for all those big airplanes that hoover around. What do you think? Is it time for a little change?


Question: So, how do you choose what size panties to buy? The problem is buying from the internet....it's hard to get the correct size for men since all measurements are for women...and let's face it, I don't have feminine curves, lol.

The best way to find out what panties to buy is to actually buy and try them out. It is really a trial and error but an educated one. After you find out one brand then you are set, that's the easy way. I also look at measurements as some brands have them online or in the packages (if you're lucky). Other than that I'm pretty slim so that makes me average for a girl which makes it easier to shop. I don't think all panties fit me like they would a girl's body but I manage ok with the right adjustments. Besides, once you have them on it is pretty much hidden so it really doesn't matter unless you are going to take some pictures, right? Then it is all smoke and mirrors.


TG caption: lick-it-all-clean

A fun TG caption appropriate to all the questions you guys have been asking. Keep them coming... the questions that is.


Question: Are you attracted to males or females or androgynous or other crossdressers?

I'd say 90% attracted to females and the rest you can allocate among the others. I'd say I'm susceptible to be seduced by males if they are sexy. Sexiness if very important. I think we all are seduced in one way or another by both sexes otherwise why would male and female movie stars be so successful. Part of being a part-time girl is fantasize and imagine doing sexy things to males which in turn enhances the fantasy (at least for me) of being feminine. It isn't like I go around walking thinking guys are hot. But I have no phobias about recognizing good looking guys. If I so happen to be in a sasha mode then I'd say I take that one notch up and such him up into my fantasy land.

imagine... yummy!


Question: have you ever given a guy a blow-job? If so - did you let him cum in your mouth - and do you ever fantasize about sucking off several guys at once?

No blow jobs for me yet unless you count virtual ones. I think I can whip out a pretty good cyber one. I'd definitely let him cum in my mouth or my tummy or my face. I know I watch too much nasty sexy porn which gives me all sorts of ideas as fantasies. In those fantasies it does include some group blow out job. I think it is that little secret that we all carry with us at one time or another - humiliation and domination. Loss of control can be very oh so exciting.

where would you be?

Question: I..I think I have a crush on you!

Thanks for sharing! Do you work out?

Question: Hi I am looking for a caption that shows a pretty blonde t girl smoking I saw recently . She is talking about her wife and her doing things sexual related to different groups of men ! Do you know or have that one?

I don't think that is one of mine. I hardly ever have smoking in my TG captions. I looked up a pic to illustrate this post and this is actually a very nice one for a caption.

Question: I am 22 and can't seem to get attracted to anything but tg captions or scenerios I have no interest in men or women even people like your friend who is amzing can't seem to get me the same way the thought of me being the male in the captions does. do you

Looks like you wrote too much and your question got cut off by the formspring form. Try again if you happen to read this... whomever wanted to ask whatever.


Question: Maybe already asked - When did you first know that you were a girl inside?

Indeed it has been asked in one form or another. I don't know if you are really asking if I'm a girl inside or about dressing as a girl. I only feel as a girl inside part-time for most of the day I'm just a guy, you might even work beside me, walk by me on the street or talk to me at family functions.

I started experimenting in my early teens with my mom's clothes. I remember she had a swimsuit, bikini, leotard and even a mini skirt from her younger days. Then like many crossdressers I had a relationship with dressing up on and off for many years. And now with the power and anonymity of the internet many CDs are still in closet but at the same time share their secret with the world.


Question: do you feel more feminine when you are out with a man - or hanging with your girls?

I have not been out with a man before so I really couldn't compare. I have been out with Lauren on Halloween and that was fun and girly. However I think I may have been a little too nervous at the time to enjoy it as a giggling sexy lady. As for the idea of being out with a man I can only imagine that it would complement the fantasy of being a girl so I'd probably would feel very feminine. I have received some very generous gifts and male attention by way of the internet and that has been a surprise. It certainly made me feel very feminine, flirty and sexy. So much so that makes me want to dress up all sexy and be a good girl.


Question: I know this isn't a question but... I've masturbated profusely to your pictures.. How does that make you feel?

I'm of the belief that whatever happens indoors stays indoors. Even I masturbated to my pictures! haha! I'd say you go ahead and masturbate profusely + if you feel the need to. I'm happy that I was able to help you and made you happy for what I hope was more than two minutes ;-) Sometimes I get all dressed up and horny and then play with myself as a girl would... nice and slow... for a long time. It's fun you should try it.


Question: Say you were to go out with a guy, what would your outfit be?

I'd dress like a total hooker! Nah... kidding. I think it is a fantasy to look like a hooker but to actually go out it would draw too much attention. I'd either pick a classy sexy dress or more likely a girl next door casual outfit. I'd try a look to blend in as much as possible so not to draw too much attention and enjoy the company and date.


Question: How long you a girl?

I'm a part time girl. Usually on evenings and weekends. I have been dressing up more often in the past year but the first time I dressed was in my early teens.


TG caption: vday-say-yes

I made this TG caption for Steffie who sent me a valentine day caption. I thought it has some good humor in it. Enjoy.

Question: Which Victoria's Secret model would you be? I would be Adriana! omfng! :)

Adriana is a fine choice indeed. I'd pick her too but I'd also pick Heidi Klum. I've always been a sucker for hot blonde super models. I love Adriana's eyes though. But really, any of the VS models would be a good choice. Erm... so I guess I pick them all!