Question: What is your ideal body?

I gave some thought to this question. I think it is really a matter of taste since there are so many shapes, sizes and colors. In the end I'd prefer the traditional blonde or brunette bombshell. I really do not have much of a preference for hair color since that can always change anyway. I would enjoy a slim or athletic body with all the curves of average height. The breasts can be anything from a B to a D as long as they are perky. The below picture is a good illustration of what I have in mind. If I had her body I'd take it for a good test drive and I'm sure it would be quite a ride.


  1. Love to see your asshole and pussy togther from behind.

  2. I would have to say I prefer a little more meat on my body with large plump breasts. Some one like Ginna Michaels would be good.