Question: Hi sasha, I was wondering, would u be a lad for a week and what wud u do if u did ;)

Funny! If I were a guy for a week I'd be all buff and cut and so good looking girls would line up to be my bitches. The first thing I'd be scared that my 10 inch cock had a mind of its own. I'd call all of my sexy girlfriends and take my new body for a test ride. By the end of the day 3 I'd be exhausted and miss my feminine body so I'd spend the rest of the week dressed up in girly things and wearing my high heels. On the last day I'd be glad it was all over and look back as a good experience but happy to feel my breasts on my chest again and not having to use nasty dirty public restrooms. I'm sure Lauren would miss the pounding I'd give her during the week but maybe next time she can be the guy.


  1. Whe does the picture come from?

  2. I know it looks great but I sorry I do not remember where I got it from. I surf wherever the links take me.

  3. Okay i found it:

  4. Oh wow! How do you even go about searching? Did you know the names of the porn stars?