Question: Have you eat your cum?

The curiosity killed the cat and so have I been guilty of such pleasures. I have tasted my cum when masturbating thinking of someone spilling their hot jizz all over my tummy after he fucked me silly with my legs spread wide open. I imagined his cock spurting it out then I scooped some with my finger, brought it to my mouth parting my lips and letting the goey goodness down my throat. There was something about the whole thing that just triggers the feminine parts of my brain and takes the fantasy to a whole new level giving it a taste of reality. It sent shivers down my spine.


  1. Yes, it satisfied a long held curiousity. I now know what to expect if I ever have a chance, in my she/male personna, to satisfy a real man. My experiment though was done with my "gurly clit" over my mouth, legs on the beds headboard, so I would get it fresh and warm. I was afraid it would be getting cool if I was waiting to scoop it off my belly. Worked great.

  2. Oh back when I was more limber, I've done the whole knees over my head and blasted into my own mouth and face.

  3. I eat my cum quite regularly now! always struggled to do it so i started lifting my legs over my head and cumming directly onto my face...that way there is no backing out!!! i love the feel of it on my face and trickling down my throat ;)

  4. i too got into a position that i could cum straight into my mouth or face. Loved it and repeated it often. Before that, i'd always chicken out after i came and wouldn't eat the cum if it was in my hand, belly, plate or glass. Since then i have been able to eat it without cumming straight into my hungry mouth.

    1. I started cumming in my own face/mouth too. When I first started dressing as a girl I kept wondering what it would be like to taste cum but since at this point I was definitely not ready for a real man yet the only other choice was to taste my own but after masterbating I could never bring myself to do it. I actually had a female friend of mine help me by forcing me to cum in a position where it would go in my mouth and on my face so I never had a choice to back out before swallowing my own load. I eat my own (and other guys') all the time now, why let it go to waste?;)

  5. I have to say i tried that once too, but after reading these posts it is getting me amped to try again. Dont get me wrong i Love women, but i have always been curious. I think about what it would be like to have a dick squirt in my mouth, and my ass. My wife is bi, and i guess i am curious so i wouldnt mind havin a threesome the other way, or even a foursome with another couple. Ok well now that that is said I think i have to try this again. Wish me luck and good aim.

  6. wow didnt know soo many men have tried this! after reading some of these great blogs I now feel okay to try it myself! I have always wanted to tase sperm but once Im done and its in a cup I have the guts to try it! thanks for sharing guys!