Question: Does the thought of being a prostitute turn you on?

Yes, but only as a fantasy. A real life of prostitution is not an easy one and with many hardships. I would not wish that on me or anyone else. As to the fantasy part and what would be a turn on is the relinquishing of power and being powerless. Those feeling mixed with being used as a sexual object I find highly erotic. A day would begin with getting dressed seductively to make money. What to wear? The micro skirt or the tiny shorts? Decision... decisions...


  1. Are you kidding? You've fallen into believing all the social crap were bombarded with that prostitution is all about being a drug addict and having a pimp.

    I'm a tranny prostitute. I LOVE my life! I work for myself, make my own hours, make 6 figures a year, and get to dress like a dream while doing it!

    And you have no idea what being a woman is, until you are one that men will actually PAY to be with!

  2. Yes, it does. A lot. :)

  3. Brandi, I'm sure the media overgeneralizes and so did I. I'm sure there are very successful prostitutes like yourself that have a great life and do not endure the harshness that the media portraits. I'm sure there are many flavors of prostitution as there are of jobs. If I could be a high class paid prostitution I'm sure life would be easy. It would be just like having a good job and better pay and hours than working at the local grocery store bagging groceries.