Question: Hi sasha, I was wondering, would u be a lad for a week and what wud u do if u did ;)

Funny! If I were a guy for a week I'd be all buff and cut and so good looking girls would line up to be my bitches. The first thing I'd be scared that my 10 inch cock had a mind of its own. I'd call all of my sexy girlfriends and take my new body for a test ride. By the end of the day 3 I'd be exhausted and miss my feminine body so I'd spend the rest of the week dressed up in girly things and wearing my high heels. On the last day I'd be glad it was all over and look back as a good experience but happy to feel my breasts on my chest again and not having to use nasty dirty public restrooms. I'm sure Lauren would miss the pounding I'd give her during the week but maybe next time she can be the guy.


Question: Would you date a crossdresser?

I don't really think so because we would be too much alike. It would be fun to hang out with one though. Maybe talk about all the crazy things we would do if we were girls like go shopping and nag each other about how slutty we both looked.


Boy To Girl Full Body Transformation

A really good boy to girl transformation video that I'd like to share.

Question: I want to smell like a women's vagina.

I do not know of any eau de vagina. The best way to smell like a juicy woman's sex is to have sex with a woman.


Question: I want to know how to get started on feminization?

There are lots of tips on the internet for that. I'd say start with something easy by dressing in women's clothes from there you can educate yourself on make up (lots of youtube vids on that), mannerisms and voice. You can also accessorize with padding and breast forms. Lastly you can get hormones and plastic surgery. Let us know how you are doing.


Question: What is your ideal body?

I gave some thought to this question. I think it is really a matter of taste since there are so many shapes, sizes and colors. In the end I'd prefer the traditional blonde or brunette bombshell. I really do not have much of a preference for hair color since that can always change anyway. I would enjoy a slim or athletic body with all the curves of average height. The breasts can be anything from a B to a D as long as they are perky. The below picture is a good illustration of what I have in mind. If I had her body I'd take it for a good test drive and I'm sure it would be quite a ride.


Question: Won't you please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please go on the Dignity Cruise from Miami at the end of October and show all the t-girls Sasha in person?

Miami is a little far so in all likelihood I won't attend but the idea of it is interesting. I have never heard of such cruises so it is something to keep in mind for the future. I learn something from the internet every day!

That'd be me passed out from all the partying. 

Question: Now that you've been out in public in a dress, how many more times will you do it 2012? (like Mardi Gras, St. Patty's, Valentine's, Birthday, Memorial, President's, July 4, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc.) ;-)

It is hard to say but I'll go with the flow and see what happens. I think that I will be more inclined to go dressed if there is a special occasion like you mentioned. Even more so if it is to some themed party because then it is like Halloween all over again! Hopefully abundant amounts of drinks would be present too.


Question: For going out on a date as a girl, would you rather go to a Romance, Sci/Fi, Action, or Porno?

What movie would be your ideal date movie to go to the theater with your girlfriend, but you dressed as Sasha?

Two people asked the same thing. Are you guys asking me out? ;-) I don't think my taste in movies would change much but I guess I'd want to go to a movie that would fit my image of femininity but not a cheesy romance because I'm not really into that. From the movies that are out currently it would be wonderful to be taken to go see 'Puss in Boots.' It would be something light and funny with some action.


Question: What kind of music do you like?

I like a variety of music so I'll give you a laundry list: dance/club music, Sarah MacLahlan, Tori Amos, U2, Pink Floyd, Britney Spears (her older stuff), any Top 40 catchy song, Kate Perry, 50 cent, Eminem, and on and on...


Question: If you could be any Disney Princess, which one would you be?

I'd pick Cinderella. I think the transformation aspect of it is more suiting and in the end the transformation becomes permanent.


Question: Have you eat your cum?

The curiosity killed the cat and so have I been guilty of such pleasures. I have tasted my cum when masturbating thinking of someone spilling their hot jizz all over my tummy after he fucked me silly with my legs spread wide open. I imagined his cock spurting it out then I scooped some with my finger, brought it to my mouth parting my lips and letting the goey goodness down my throat. There was something about the whole thing that just triggers the feminine parts of my brain and takes the fantasy to a whole new level giving it a taste of reality. It sent shivers down my spine.

TG caption: dont-be-so-surprised

Will it be that surprising too when she swallows that cum and the spell becomes permanent?


Question: I have some captions that I did using images you had previously captioned. Can I send them to you?

Yes. It will be interesting to see a different TG caption take of the same images I used.

Now you see it... now you don't.

I once shared with everyone a friend's crossdressing pictures and I'm glad to show you another friend's pictures. Hopefully she doesn't mind me passing on this picture which was out already on tumblr anyway. Is she for real or what? She is one of the best looking tgirls I know and awfully nice. Not to mention she must be a witch because she can make things appear and disappear out of nowhere!

Now you see it...

Now you don't...


Question: Have you let your girlfriend use a strap-on on you?

Not yet, but as one would say, "resistance is futile." I'm not completely against it. I'm sure at some level it would fill some fantasy of mine plus I hear it is quite pleasurable right? Lauren has playfully mentioned it but I have deflected any seriousness attempt. The furthest we got was her behind me grabbing my hips and grinding herself on my ass. No, nothing happened, we had our clothes on.


Question: If a guy always dreams about doing girly things for, and to, and on men-do you think he should have been born a woman? dee or is it just a good imagination?

I think it is hard to say since humans have such vivid and good imaginations. It would certainly be easier to be born a woman so you get to live all those things you fantasize be it sexual or nonsexual. On the other hand it may just be your mind exploring what would life be if... I love good adventures and new exciting things, the allure of being a woman is quite unattainable so it only makes it more appealing. Call it the forbidden fruit or gras is greener on the other side syndrome. At one time or another we all try to escape the real world.

PS. Is this Dee from the Haven? :-)

Question: Do you have a porn clip of a girl you wish you could be? If so, can you share?

I'm always willing to share! This was a fun question and I'm happy to answer it. I have no particular porn actress and I usually randomly surf around until something turns me on. Lately, one fantasy that turns me on is to service a man together with Lauren. I find that x-art videos are with good taste and quality. Not to say that the more home made videos are not super hot or even hotter in some cases. I just like to try a little bit of everything.

When I watch this video I'm imaging I'm the brunette and Lauren is the blonde and then there is this mysterious guy that we please, perhaps a secret admirer. He comes over to our place and we have our fun. I guess it is a little voyeurism to know that Lauren would be right there watching me doing all these naughty things to him and me watching her being pleasured by another man that is such a turn on. She would totally go at it first too to show how it is done and then let him lose on me.


Question: Can you post a picture of you in a bikini? You totally have the body for it.

Thank you but I think I may not fill everything that should be filled. I'll look into it and see what I can do. I don't think anyone would be happy to see a bad picture. I'd hate to shatter any fantasies anyone might have. ;-) Just don't expect anything like this picture and you won't be disappointed.

Question: What would be the maximum time you would purchase at Bikini Beach?

From what I hear the bikini beach is an amazing paradise with lots of hot girls walking aroun din bikinis. What male wouldn't love to be there as often as possible? ;-) I really don't know what the price is for summer passes but maybe they would take credit and I'd find a way to pay it later. I believe I'd have to check with Lauren first or the heck with it and go ahead and buy a week pass and surprise her. I think a week would be a good start to get a good feel of what it would be like. The real question would be what bikini to buy! I would love to have this POV.


TG caption: welcome-to-the-club-sister

Who needs a romantic TG caption on Valentine Day anyway?


TG caption: without-consequences

It's always good to clean up afterwards girls!

Question: How do I set up my own caption site?

The easiest way to set a TG caption site is to use blogger. Just sign up for a free account and you are set to go. Another popular way to do it is to use tumblr which is more geared towards pictures. I prefer blogger because it gives a little more control and versatility for my taste. I'm happy to see you want to make a caption site. We need more of those around. Make sure you write all your posts wearing sexy underwear for a successful blog.


Question: Does the thought of being a prostitute turn you on?

Yes, but only as a fantasy. A real life of prostitution is not an easy one and with many hardships. I would not wish that on me or anyone else. As to the fantasy part and what would be a turn on is the relinquishing of power and being powerless. Those feeling mixed with being used as a sexual object I find highly erotic. A day would begin with getting dressed seductively to make money. What to wear? The micro skirt or the tiny shorts? Decision... decisions...


TG caption: paid-under-the-table

You have to love Germans, they are good honest people.