Question(s): have you visited our summer project?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I'm bundling up below a bunch of other questions/comments I got for quick answers.

Question: Pantophobia is the fear of everything (including pants). Selective pantophobia is the fear of a large group of things. anti-verbo-pantophobia is the fear of not doing something. anti-verbo-pantophobia type j is the fear of not doing something sexualy pleasurable. P.S.: Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia. ;}

Hmmm... ok good to know.

Question: I saw a caption about a year ago of a father being transformed into his daughters friend. All I remember was him choosing between 3 doors and he was transformed into a teeny bopper as you put it. Any idea where I can find that?

Sorry it doesn't sound like it was one of my TG captions. I usually do not do relatives transformations. Nothing against it. It just never really comes up when I'm writing. However, it sounds like a good story.

Question: Could we have some captions for christmas? We have all been very naughty...

Good to hear everyone's been naughty! I'm back at posting TG captions so enjoy and continue to be naughty... very naughty.

Question: british people say happy christmas!

I love to hear about other people's customs and cultures. Thanks for letting me know.


  1. mmmm... and Happy Christmas to you, Miss Claus. ;-)

  2. I can answer question 3 since it's one of my captions. I really like my memory. :D
    Here's the link:

    Post scriptum: I don't say no one ever wrote a similar story, but I think my title is cooler and more precise! :D

  3. Thanks for your assistance Martha. I'm glad you found time to help out between sucking cocks.