Question: If I paid you a $100,000 to get DD implants, would you do it?

At the risk of you actually having $100k and giving it to me this is how I think it would have to go. I'd have to be forced somehow to get the implants since secretly I'd of course want them. I'd enjoy having a set of DD. There would be no way to hide them so I'd might as well embrace them and show them off! I'd certainly use part of the $100k to get a nice sexy wardrobe to show off my new enhanced feminine figure.

I'd also love to have some spaghetti tank tops to show some cleavage. I think they so casual and yet so sexy. I love how when properly filled with DD they would give me a much more hourglass figure.

Other reasons I'd get the DD's would be that I'd love to feel their weigh on my chest reminding me of my new assets. I'm sure everyone else would be looking at them too. Wouldn't it be great to feel the sway of them on your chest as you get rocked back and forth?

Lastly I think it would just be nicer for him to look down on me and see the nice rack waiting to collect all that hot steamy cum. This is all making me want to take some pics with even more stuff in my bra!

Can I please have the money in unmarked twenties and hundreds please?


  1. Okay, now it is just a matter of negotiating and fund-raising. ;-) Would you consider D's for $50,000? <3 SSA Very, very sexy photos you picked, Sasha!

  2. I'd be thrilled if I were forced to have DD cups. It would be a dream and a nightmare.

  3. sounds like a really good plan! i'll let you know as soon as i have $200k to spare ;-)

  4. I assume your referring to the famous gambler brian zembic?

  5. My Daddy/Master actually is offering to pay for breast implants if I decide to go into the sex industry full-time in any capacity.

    But I don't know if I would go for DDs because I do like having a slight separation between my public persona and my sissy self.
    And DDs will be hard to be subtle about but I do admit the extra public attention from alpha-males and possible humiliation scenarios of having everybody know that I've become a full fledge shemale would be very sweet and erotic ^_^

  6. Not only would I get DD's, I would be on the first plane to Bangkok.

  7. Yes, I will, I wish I'm a female.