Question: If you could be a cheerleader for any professional american football team, which team would you be the cheerleader for?

I don't really follow much of football but I know there is one team that has a great cheer leading squad - the Dallas Cowboys!

The best thing is that then I could ride like this. What a ride would that be!


Question: When you fantasize about having sex as a girl (with either a girl or a guy), what sexual position do you think of most often being in?

I have to say that there isn't just one position in my fantasies. I mean fantasies is where you let everything go so why pick one, right? I'd say there would be a series of positions I'd find myself in to please my man/boyfriend/lover/admirer. It would start with something like this to get hings warmed up and for me to get a taste of things to come.

Then it would follow with me spreading my legs and letting him in my pussy. I know it is a traditional position but I think that is what entices me about it. That every girl has found herself in this position sometime in her life more often than not. It would be deliciously feminine to spread my legs and welcome him in me.

Lastly, if he was still up for it, I'd let him treat me and fuck me like the bitch that I am. ;-) What else could be more delicious than feeling him bouncing on my ass and let him do as he pleased?


TG caption: the-new-jeremy

TG caption about getting what you want... or not?


Question: Have you or would you compete in a Womanless Beauty Pageant?

I had never heard of this so thank you for letting me know. Who said you can't learn anything from the internet! I had never competed in one. And as far as it goes for the near future at least I have no intention of relinquishing my internet anonymity for transgender stardom or ridicule. I give kudos to all the gurls who are out there doing it but I'm sort of a hermit. So far only Lauren knows about my exchanges with femininity but then again... never say never, right?

TG caption: mercedes-sucks

I made this TG caption some time ago to make fun of Martha's love of BMW.


Question(s): have you visited our summer project?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I'm bundling up below a bunch of other questions/comments I got for quick answers.

Question: Pantophobia is the fear of everything (including pants). Selective pantophobia is the fear of a large group of things. anti-verbo-pantophobia is the fear of not doing something. anti-verbo-pantophobia type j is the fear of not doing something sexualy pleasurable. P.S.: Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia. ;}

Hmmm... ok good to know.

Question: I saw a caption about a year ago of a father being transformed into his daughters friend. All I remember was him choosing between 3 doors and he was transformed into a teeny bopper as you put it. Any idea where I can find that?

Sorry it doesn't sound like it was one of my TG captions. I usually do not do relatives transformations. Nothing against it. It just never really comes up when I'm writing. However, it sounds like a good story.

Question: Could we have some captions for christmas? We have all been very naughty...

Good to hear everyone's been naughty! I'm back at posting TG captions so enjoy and continue to be naughty... very naughty.

Question: british people say happy christmas!

I love to hear about other people's customs and cultures. Thanks for letting me know.

Question: If I paid you a $100,000 to get DD implants, would you do it?

At the risk of you actually having $100k and giving it to me this is how I think it would have to go. I'd have to be forced somehow to get the implants since secretly I'd of course want them. I'd enjoy having a set of DD. There would be no way to hide them so I'd might as well embrace them and show them off! I'd certainly use part of the $100k to get a nice sexy wardrobe to show off my new enhanced feminine figure.

I'd also love to have some spaghetti tank tops to show some cleavage. I think they so casual and yet so sexy. I love how when properly filled with DD they would give me a much more hourglass figure.

Other reasons I'd get the DD's would be that I'd love to feel their weigh on my chest reminding me of my new assets. I'm sure everyone else would be looking at them too. Wouldn't it be great to feel the sway of them on your chest as you get rocked back and forth?

Lastly I think it would just be nicer for him to look down on me and see the nice rack waiting to collect all that hot steamy cum. This is all making me want to take some pics with even more stuff in my bra!

Can I please have the money in unmarked twenties and hundreds please?

TG caption: the-woman-you-want-to-be

TG captions about what kind of woman would you want to be.