Question: How many questions do you get that never get answered?

Zero. I answer all questions. I get a lot of 'questions' but aren't really questions. They are just one word or something silly in one way or another. In the past I have made up a questions based on what single word that someone sent me but lately I have not had the time or inspiration to play that game for now. I do have a few questions that for now are just in the back burner. They are filed and will be answered when the time comes. I also get a lot of comments and requests for captions. I guess those are questions per se because they are asked "Will you make a caption where... guy gets stuck as a girl?" Requests will be fulfilled at my discretion.

Here are a few 'questions' that will probably will not get answered. Sure I could twist these into my imginarium and come up with some sort of answer but that is a lot of work and like I said before I played that game before and now it is old. I appreciate the game and it was fun but now is time to move on to shiny newer things! ;-)

"lol what kind of blighter says 'bloke'?"

"what kind of peon says bloke?>:(o)"

"Math hurts my legs!"



"epic nerd sex!!!!!"

I have much more important things to do than to make up my own question and answer! ;-)

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