Question: Had you been cornered inebriated on Halloween by a bloke, and he gave you the choice of physical violence or relieving him with your lovely hands, what would you have done? What if it were lips instead of hands? ;-)

It really depends on how drunk I was. If I was just a little drunk I'd scream, run and probably fall on my heels and then he'd catch up to me and make me suck him off.

If I was pretty drunk, I'd probably start off with my hands, see the precum on the tip of his cock and then think, "I wonder what that tastes like." My natural curiosity and lack of judgment would lead my lips to touch the bulb of his head and soon gulp gobs of his cum.

If I was reaaaally drunk, then I'd start by licking the tip of his cock and teasing it then use my hands and after a good 10 minutes of slowly letting him fuck my mouth I'd look up and tell him I was a dirty whore. He'd end up slapping me, calling me names, pulling my hair as I gagged with his shaft deep in my throat. In the end, he'd pull out and spray my face with his cum as I thanked him.

So yeah... it really depends.


Question: My math tutor is giving me chest pains.

Maybe these 'questions' should start, Dear Dr. Sasha...

Really, if your math tutor is giving you chest pains it can only be because you let them play with your tits way too long. I recommend that you let him nibble on your nipples for 30 seconds, no more than 54 seconds and then you have to distract him by starting an oral argument.


Question: musical theory of reletivity: e=F flat

I know. I get all sorts of questions. People really like to be silly about sending msg that could be borderline spam but once in awhile it hits my silly bone and I try to respond to what can arguably be a question.

This picture shows that musical theory does not apply to breasts: F not equal to flat.


TG caption: the-secret-party

TG caption where the curiosity didn't quite killed the cat but a new pussy cat learns her lesson.


TG caption: new-position-of-power

Power comes in many ways in the TG caption world even if you are on your knees.


Question: When can I send you a birthday present?

When my birthday comes! That's on May 23.


Question: Have you tried a vibrator yet?

I have not used a vibrator yet but it is something that I'm curious about. At the height of my feminine feelings it does cross my mind. When everything is so hot and sweaty my thoughts drifts to how it would be so nice to be filled with good vibrations. It is something that I look forward to do in the future. In a way, I'm still a virgin.

TG caption: morning-surprise

Even the best laid our plans sometimes fail.


TG caption: play-in-the-cockpit

TG cap about wishes and getting what you wish for.