TG caption: sleeping-to-the-top

Anyone talking to you like in this TG caption this Halloween weekend?


TG caption: help-try-the-dildos

In this TG caption, which dildo do you think is the best? I guess you can't tell by looking but I'm sure we can do something about that so you can be of assistance.


Question: It would seem that there are not as many new caps coming out as there used to be. did someone switch you to s l o w...

You are correct. I have been lagging a bit. There are still plenty of TG captions in the back burner but I just haven't been in the mood to post them. Don't worry, TG captions never end they just slow down. Besides, slow and steady wins the race.


TG caption: this-is-what-u-wanted-right

I bet this TG caption is what many of you girls would say if you were in that position.


Question: Any word on possible completion of "teammate"? I really miss the story line and it was a great start!

It is a great TG comic that I will hopefully finish one day! However, I do not know when that will happen.

TG caption: wrong-laundry-i-swear

I totally understand the situation of this TG caption. I always pick up the wrong load at the laundry and have accumulated quite a few items. I'd return them but I don't know to whom to. ;-)


TG caption: maybe-my-boyfriend-is-right

A TG caption that is all about letting your inner girl come out.


TG caption: epic-butt

I made this TG caption taking full advantage of how shapely the model is.


TG caption: spreading-them-wide

It is always nice to have someone to help you spread out.


TG caption: submissive-slut

A little TG caption magic to make wishes come true.


TG caption: all-for-deutschland

This TG caption was for Niels who is German and loves football. It was a play on the last World Cup in wich Germany did not win.


TG caption: a-new-change-of-clothes

I remember reading a long time ago a story on fictionmania about malfunctioning auto-closets. It is a great idea for a quick change of clothes and TG caption too.