Question: I've read on your blog that you dress for the thrill, but you still like being a guy. Do you have trouble reconciling the two? They would seem to conflict.

Crossdressers dress in feminine clothes for various reasons. It is very common for some to get a sexual thrill from the clothes so I know I'm not alone. I have trouble reconciling the two at times. It comes and goes. The conflict comes as a sense of guilt because of societal restrictions of what and how a certain gender should behave. I reconcile the two buy rationalizing that the feelings are brought by society and not any high power overlord being and that although not considered 'normal' by society standards, dressing up is perfectly fine.  What is normal anyway? Do we have as complex humans pick male or female and fit some sort of mold? Sure at times I want to fit in but I also celebrate my individuality.

PS. People who go to Star Trek conventions are definitely not normal. That's a fact. ;-)

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