Question: If one was a true hermaphrodite, wouldn't they be able to produce clones of themselves?

It really depends on what you define a true hermaphrodite to be. If you mean by having fully functional female and male sex organs then yes. Then again, maybe all one would do is be adored by millions of teenage girls.


  1. They wouldn't produce clones. Sperm and eggs only contain half of our DNA, and the way our genes are selected would end up with an offspring that only has some of our dominant traits and the rest would be our recessive traits. Like, if you have brown hair, but your mom had red hair, then even without an second parent, the child could have red hair if both the sperm and the eggs contain the red hair gene.

  2. I love this answer. You are so right. The gene would end up being mixed (and not evenly mixed) even if both the sperm and egg comes from the same person.