Question: I dont get it. Are you a woman or a man?

I'm a wo-man. I'm a man that is a woman. But then again, does that make me a man? How would you define a man?


  1. Andrej Pejic, quite androgynous - this interview


    is very interesting - and I love the answers he give! Like:

    ZEITmagazin: Mister Pejic, do feel more like a man or a woman?
    Andrej Pejic: Sometimes I feel more masculine but sometimes more feminine. Mayn think of me as more feminine but I am both. And at the moment I feel very comfortable about that.

    ZEITmagazin: Can you switch between man and woman in your head?
    Pejic: I know what others expect of me. As a woman I am sensual and sexy. As a man I am more – plain.

    ZEITmagazin: Do you like men or women?
    Pejic: Let me put it this way: Love has no boundaries.

  2. How do you define a woman? Isn't that just the problem? That we look for definition, attach attributes to what it is to be a man or a woman? Attributes that are so anchored in society that being non conforming with those attributes that go with your gender is looked at from odd to maybe even a threat.

    I live a "normal" male life conforming with the expected attributes and I break out from time to time desperately going for conforming with the female attributes (and I am lucky that I can get away with it at first and even second glance).

    Wouldn't life be great if I could just get up in the morning decide "who do I want to be today?" and that would be acceptable?

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the link.