Question: aural sex(google it) vs oral sex?

First I apologize that you had to ask this question twice. I still have the original question in my inbox and I had just not felt the creative juices overflowing in my head and pouring out of my ears into the computer screen to answer it. I looked it up and here is what the urban dictionary defines aural sex as: "Sexual intercourse involving one or more penises being inserted into the earhole(s). Also known as an "ear-job".

What can I say... hmmm... you're weird? I do not enjoy having things in my ears clogging it all up so I would have to pick oral sex. It just seems having something in my mouth is much more enjoyable than something in my ear.

Ok. Kidding.

You probably mean the other definition of aural sex: "The act of giving or receiving mental sexual stimulation with or from an especially pleasant voice and/or accent." Why pick one? I pick both! Variety is the spice of life and sex. Enjoy it and be safe kids. And always wear protection, that means some ear condoms if you are practicing aural sex.

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