Question: I dont get it. Are you a woman or a man?

I'm a wo-man. I'm a man that is a woman. But then again, does that make me a man? How would you define a man?

Question: What is your opinion on nudist camps?

I think people are free to wear nothing if they want to. The problem is that we think of nudist camps something like this...

but reality is much more like this...

I also think that leaving something to the imagination is sexy because your mind and imagination is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Question: What would you do if you found out that most of the questions you have gotten in the past 5 months wrer from me? hypothetically, of course;)

Question: "yeah, all of those were from me: Rowan"

I'd say that you use your time in a very rewarding way. I love the interaction with my readers and I just really sit in front of the computer with my panties waiting for all the sexy questions.

Question: "what would you do to me if i sent you the same question like 5000 times?"

I'd answer one and delete like 4999 questions.

TG caption: no-turning-back

There might not be any turning back on this TG cap but she can always be on her back now.


TG caption: my-ex-gf-was-so-dumb

A fun picture to use for a TG caption.


TG caption: my-buddy-will-help-me

Working on this TG caption I wanted to play mental games, magical or not. I love girlfriend revenge caps.


TG caption: the-new-petra

A TG cap for the lovely and funny Petra.


TG caption: open-your-eyes-now

In case you have noticed, I have now posted all the TG captions that had been previously posted on my old blog. All this stuff is never seen (in my blog) TG caps.

This TG caption is an old take on being always the wingman and never the pilot. Nothing like some role reversal and a new position in life to give a new perspective.

Question: What happened to all of the pictures,whenever i click on them it makes it a tiny bit bigger and i cant zoom in?!?!

Looks like blogger changed their picture viewer system. It opens the TG caption now on a flash window instead of just a regular window. If you look at the very bottom left corner you can click on the link to take you to the old way of viewing the TG cap which would let you zoom in.



TG caption: maleness-essence-transfer

What would you do if you lost your maleness essence?


TG caption: party-with-a-witch

Party time TG caption!

Question: Is it possible for a guy to get raped by a girl?

Yes. It is about power and nothing to do with sex. I'm sure I could rape some guy, but am I really a girl? Or some girl could rape me, but am I really a guy?


TG caption: vacation-in-spain

TG caption about going on vacation for some fun in the sun.


TG caption: sasha-gone-too-far

Is this TG cap a premonition of things to come?



TG caption: join-the-army

Sure I had this TG caption for some time but I find it most appropriate to post it on this 911 day. It's time to finish the job. Where do I sign up?


TG caption: shane-permanent-vacation

Not all Chinese products are made alike.


Question: If one was a true hermaphrodite, wouldn't they be able to produce clones of themselves?

It really depends on what you define a true hermaphrodite to be. If you mean by having fully functional female and male sex organs then yes. Then again, maybe all one would do is be adored by millions of teenage girls.

TG caption: virtual-reality-realited

You have to watch out for those revengeful girlfriends.

Question: The Kristen Archives?

I never heard of it but it looks like a nice story site.


TG caption: test-drive

A bran spanking new tg caption. I made this one for myself. It isn't a trade or for anyone's request. I saw the picture and I knew exactly what I wanted to do about it. I'm going back to the good old days I made tg caps just for myself without worrying about whether someone liked it or fit anyone's preferences. I also don't have to worry about adding fluff wording. It is invigorating.


TG caption: the-new-roommate

Tg captions and tricky girlfriends, a winning combination.


Question: I've read on your blog that you dress for the thrill, but you still like being a guy. Do you have trouble reconciling the two? They would seem to conflict.

Crossdressers dress in feminine clothes for various reasons. It is very common for some to get a sexual thrill from the clothes so I know I'm not alone. I have trouble reconciling the two at times. It comes and goes. The conflict comes as a sense of guilt because of societal restrictions of what and how a certain gender should behave. I reconcile the two buy rationalizing that the feelings are brought by society and not any high power overlord being and that although not considered 'normal' by society standards, dressing up is perfectly fine.  What is normal anyway? Do we have as complex humans pick male or female and fit some sort of mold? Sure at times I want to fit in but I also celebrate my individuality.

PS. People who go to Star Trek conventions are definitely not normal. That's a fact. ;-)

TG caption: barbecue-girl

Enjoy a tg caption with that barbecue today.


TG caption: genie-sasha-banana-split

This TG caption is one of the ongoing storyline where genie sasha grants special wishes.

TG caption: guitar-hero-girl-gone-wild

Gambling is always good.

Question: aural sex(google it) vs oral sex?

First I apologize that you had to ask this question twice. I still have the original question in my inbox and I had just not felt the creative juices overflowing in my head and pouring out of my ears into the computer screen to answer it. I looked it up and here is what the urban dictionary defines aural sex as: "Sexual intercourse involving one or more penises being inserted into the earhole(s). Also known as an "ear-job".

What can I say... hmmm... you're weird? I do not enjoy having things in my ears clogging it all up so I would have to pick oral sex. It just seems having something in my mouth is much more enjoyable than something in my ear.

Ok. Kidding.

You probably mean the other definition of aural sex: "The act of giving or receiving mental sexual stimulation with or from an especially pleasant voice and/or accent." Why pick one? I pick both! Variety is the spice of life and sex. Enjoy it and be safe kids. And always wear protection, that means some ear condoms if you are practicing aural sex.


TG caption: infiltrated-cheerleader

I love TG captions about infiltrating sororities. It's fun to be a college co-ed.


TG caption: niels-is-almost-gone

How long would it take to fuck the man out of you?